Summary Of A Midsummer Night's Dream By William Shakespeare

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Play: A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare
General Settings: midsummer in Athens, Ancient Greece (Classical Greece) and enchanted forest outside of Athens.
Midsummer= holiday of the summer solstice; longest day of the year and first day of summer; known to cause people to act strangely.
* Theseus: duke of Athens; relation to Greek mythology, in which Theseus is related to Hercules and hinting that the play takes place during Ancient Greek times
* Hippolyta: queen of the Amazons; engaged to Theseus.
* Egeus: respected nobleman who wants his daughter, Hermia, to marry Demetrius; asks Theseus for the death penalty if she refuses
* Hermia: beautiful ...view middle of the document...

Shows Egeus causes conflict to rise.
* Hermia and Lysander are alone.
* “The course of true love never did run smooth”; Lysander says this inferring from tales and stories he’s heard of, showing his inexperience.
* Lysander’s plan: runaway with Hermia to his widow aunt’s house outside of Athens, where they will marry without interference from the harsh Athenian law.
* Hermia swears that she will meet him where he has told him her. She uses a hyperbole to show her love and overstate her case to convince herself and Lysander that the plan is definite. *inciting incident = Hermia agrees to Lysander’s plan*
* Helena walks in, angry and jealous at Hermia because Demetrius loves her. Hermia tells Helena of Lysander and her plan to elope to ensure her that nothing will happen between her and Demetrius.
* Helena’s soliloquy = she believes love is blind; thinks Demetrius once loved her, before Hermia’s beauty came along
Working class are known as the mechanicals; they are meeting to discuss the play of “Pyramus and Thisbe” that they are going to perform for Hippolyta and Theseus’ wedding; speak in prose; their function is comic relief.
* “lamentable comedy” – oxymoron – sad comedy
* Bottom is overconfident, foolish, and arrogant; he chosen to play Pyramus (lead in the play) because of his greed, is seen as a leader of the workers.
* Flute: young, chosen to play Thisbe; doesn’t want to play a girl because his beard his coming in
* The workmen are going to meet in the palace wood; also where Hermia, Lysander, Demetrius and Helena are all going.
ACT 2: Inside the magic forest, we meet the fairy world.
* Robin Good fellow = Puck; attendant of Oberon’s (king of the fairies); he is mischievous and crude because he gets involved into the mortals lives.
* Fairies speak in rhymes and mostly in iambic pentameter
* Oberon is jealous of the attention and love his wife, Queen of the fairies, Titania gives to a changeling Indian boy prince (in which she stole from an Indian king)
* Titania explains she stole Indian boy because his mother, a friend, died. She then accuses Oberon of cheating with Hippolyta. Oberon accuses her of cheating.
* Nature reflects issues in royalty of even the fairy world by bad weather like storms; Titania says the real world, a storm is causing flooding and dying of animals and...

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