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Summary Of Clutch Loss Essay

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Losing a clutch has effects on the operational sex ratio (OSR) of Dendrobates pumilio. OSR is the proportion of males to females that are fit to mate. There is usually a higher percentage of males in the mating pool because females take more time with parental duties. There are factors that influence the OSR such as available food and places to nest, temperature of the environment, and if the number of deaths for one sex is greater than the other. The loss of a clutch should also affect the OSR. If a clutch is lost, the parent should reenter the mating pool faster, changing the ratio. Heik Prohl studied how the OSR is affected when D. pumilio loses a clutch. The time males spend ...view middle of the document...

Prohl compared clutch loss to OSR using t-tests.
The year with the most clutch loss was 1997, which led to the males mating twice as often than in the other years. The other years, 1993 and 1996, were not significantly different as far as how often males mated. Those two years were also not significantly different in their relation of male mating frequency to successful reproduction, but once again 1997 was different. For the years with lower clutch loss, 1993 and 1996, male mating frequency and reproductive success had a positive correlation. The reproductive success in the year of high clutch loss, 1997, was lower than in 1996, even though there was a considerably higher mating frequency. It makes sense with high clutch loss and males mating often that there would be relatively more females than normal in the mating pool. It was calculated that with no clutch loss, the mating pool is strongly concentrated with males. Clutch loss results in more “time out,” but more so for males than females. This makes the OSR not as heavily weighted toward males as it normally is.
This study has shown that clutch loss does indeed affect...

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