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Summary Of The Milieu Of The Distinctive Characteristics Of The Contemporary Human Resource Milieu?

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Give a concise summary of the milieu of the distinctive characteristics of the contemporary human resource milieu? (Oct 2010)

* Changing variables at international and global level ANSWERED BELOW

* Restructure and rationalise the HR process using the following processes:
* by downsizing (clearing redundant staff with the aid of retirement packages);
* right-sizing (auditing determines the skill pool so that optimal service can be achieved in critical areas),
* by out sourcing (private institutions that specialize in the work concerned are given the public sector work under contracts agreed by both parties) and,
* by re-engineering (constant investigation and ...view middle of the document...

* Quality Service Provision is a characteristic of the current HR setting (milieu) and the Batho Pele Principles of 1997 describes eight rules that ensure quality service is constantly achieved:

The 8 principles are:
1. Consultation, with citizens about the quality of public services they receive and, if possible, offered a choice;
2. Service standards – what level of service can be expected;
3. Access – equal access to entitled services;
4. Courtesy – treat all citizens with courtesy and consideration;
5. Information – all accurate info on services that they are entitled to;
6. Transparency – openness regarding cost, who is in charge and how national and provincial govt departments are run;
7. Redress – offer apology, explanation and speedy and effective remedy where service is not delivered;
8. Value for money – public services should be run economically and efficiently so as to offer citizens the best value for money.

Describe and analyse the various main activities / characteristics of human resource management. your answer should cover the following:

a. The management perspective
b. The public dimension
c. Resources
d. Public human resource management as a special responsibility
e. Public sector human resource management as an integrated process
f. Enhanced institutional performance

a. The management perspective (*Q1.1 Oct 2012 : 10marks)

Management in the public sector usually materialises on 3 levels of management – namely junior, middle and senior management..
A manager is any public sector employee who provides guidance and initiiates the execution of any specific task within gthe institution. He or she seeks success for the institution by doing the right things (being effective) in the right way (being efficient) and in a cost-effective manner (economic). The right thing refer to specific services which a particular public sector institution provdes.
Institutions are goal-driven and the managers are responsible for ensuring goal achievement and achieve results through people.
Human Resource Management is important to public sector managers as they are responsible for hiring the correct people, motivating employees, providing proper training opportunities and ensuring fair labour practices. Common mistakes to be avoided are high staff turnover, non-performance by emloyees, inefficent job interviews, unsafe working conditions, pay inequities and court cases due to discriminatory actions.

b. The public dimension

The public sector refers to any institution that receives money from the state to provide services. There are two categories of institution, public sector and public service (public servants employed in national state depts and provincial admins).

Public sector institutions are local authorities and paratatal institutions (eg: SA Reserve Bank).

Public services include Service provision agencies...

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