Sun Never Rise In The East; An Essay On Decliniation Of Our True Culture

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Declination Of Indian And Assamese Culture

Sun Never Rises In the East

One morning, when I woke up I heard a girl crying because she was beaten up by her mother, in my neighbor. On hearing the noise I went near them and when I asked her the reason behind beating her daughter, she replied that her daughter had went to watch an Assamese film with a boy who is of the same standard with her in her college. I was surprised and so I asked her, “So what! An Assamese watching an Assamese film is not wrong”. She then asked me, “Now-a-days how many6 people go to watch an Assamese film in a hall?”. “Hardly four or five”, I replied. “Right, Now tell me in an empty hall what was my daughter doing, ...view middle of the document...

But we also cannot say that all our films are based on reality, many scripts can be subjected to defection. The only reason for which these films are forced to accept reality as their basic is lack of technology or else they would also have gone out of the real world. Now the question arises why do the public accept these kinds of films although they know that these are not relevant to reality? This is because, India consist of many hard working {labour classed} people who after doing whole day hard work will never want to see their real condition because if a mirror is placed before an ugly man he will always feel unhappy for which the films representing our reality does not get support from the general public whereas those films which are based on unreal instances makes them to forget their condition at least for sometime but this sets a bad image in the minds of the common people and also cannot be counted to any profit. Besides there are films like 3-idiots, Munna Bhai MBBS.. OMG, etc which not only provides entertainment but also lots of knowledge to the people, even though they also take the help of unreality but these can be subjected to reality.

As like the condition of our film industry, every thing representing our true culture and identity are in danger. This is because of the effect of Globalization. When we see some Bollywood films, if we observe them carefully in many cases we can feel the effect of Hollywood and moreover we can easily gat excess to a Hollywood film for which the demand for our films are decreasing and all these happens due to the effect of Globalization. Globalization can be regarded as the successive phase of modernity and post-modernity and the relation between these three phases can be better understood with the help of Karl Marx’s statement, “All that is solid melts into air”, that means whatever was modern before is now changed and this change is a continuous process.

Not only film industry but also various traditional and handloom industries are suffering due to Globalization. For instance, we can count the downfall of the Polyester...

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