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1. Complete the sentences below:
Obs.: There is / there’s – há, existe, tem How about / what about – que tal, e
There are – há, existem, têm How much – quanto
To be sure – ter certeza How many – quantos

a) ________________ a beautiful garden ___________________ her house.
(Tem um belo jardim na frente da casa dela.)

b) _________________ a store ______________ the gym?
(Tem uma loja do lado da academia?)

c) ____________________________ books ___________ table.
(Tem muitos livros na mesa.)

d) I’m ________________________ a sweater ________the wardrobe.
(Eu tenho certeza que ...view middle of the document...

Put in somebody (or someone), something / anybody (or anyone), anything:

There’s ________________ wrong with my car. I want to give __________________ for my parents.
I don’t want _____________________ else. Is there ________________ on the phone for me?
There’s _________________ at the door. Let’s drink ______________________.

5. Put in much or many:
She doesn’t usually drink ___________ tea for breakfast. I have _____________ friends at work.
They have _____________ magazines at home. We don’t have ______________ money.
I have _____________ doubts about it.

6. Put in a little or a few:

I have ___________ friends at school.
There are only _____________ students at school today.
I’ll have just ________________ sugar in my coffee.
Are you hungry? Yes, just_______________.

7. Finish the sentences bellow, following the example:

Ex: I like to talk him, but he doesn’t like to talk to me.
You like to talk to her, but ______________________ like to...

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