Superior Leader Project: Behaviors List Essay

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Superior Leader Project: Behaviors List
In this paper, the learning team will list five well-known business leaders. This paper will list what each business person does and what makes them a good business leader. The team will identify actual situation, behaviors and traits in action; each team member has contributed behavior trait for their chosen Business Leader. The list identifies what personality traits lead to the desired behavior of each leader.
Bill Gates Chairman, Microsoft Corp. Microsoft Corporation is the worldwide leader in software, services, and solutions that helps people and businesses realize their full potential.
Under Gates’ leadership, ...view middle of the document...

In the United States, the foundation seeks to ensure that all people have access to great education and to technology in public libraries. In its local region, it focuses on improving the lives of low-income families with the Global Health Program.
Perot funded an operation to rescue two of his employees from an Iranian prison in 1992
Perot also assisted all of his employees affected by hurricanes Rita and Katrina by paying them while not working and giving monetary gifts to help where insurance would not.
Perot was persistent in obtaining his first contract, after founding EDS and receiving 78 rejection letters (Perot, 2002); with Frito-Lay in 1962 the business that started out as a 1000 dollar investment is valued in the billions today. (Goff, 1999)
While working for IBM Perot took his idea of providing service to the computer industry from cradle-to-grave, when the traditional computer company only supplied hardware with a warranty, to IBM. Shortly thereafter Perot left IBM to start his own company EDS. (Goff, 1999)

Perot created an organization called United We Stand to bring to light the prisoner of war situation in 1969. He also gave more than two million dollars to public schools in 1969.
Even to his detriment he is always willing to invest in what he believes to be a good idea.
Perot invested 97 million dollars in Pont-Glore, Forgan, Inc in order to keep it afloat due to concerns that the failure of this company would affect the stability of the stock market. He also invested 20 million dollars in a company called neXT, a company created by Steve Jobs the founder of Apple Computers (Perot, 2002).
In recognition of her extraordinary achievements and contributions, Oprah has received numerous honors, including the most prestigious awards and highest industry acknowledgments.
Committed to Education:
Oprah believed that education is the door to freedom, offering a chance at brighter future. Oprah is known the founder and owner of the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls.
Actress/ Public Speaker:
Oprah took a lead role as Sophia in the movie The Color Purple. Oprah made her debut twenty years later as a Broadway producer for the musical “The Color Purple” which opened on December1, 2005 at the Three Railways Theater in New York City.
Oprah has a compassionate sprit when it comes down to people Oprah brings millions of people before the public daily seeking help there situations. She launches premiere women’s lifestyle website, offering advice on everything from mind, body and spirit to food, home and relationship. It provides comprehensive resources related to The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Oprah Magazine and Oprah & Friends.
While Eisenhower may not be considered as a traditional business leader, I believe that his role as Supreme Commander Allied Forces...

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