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R.L. Stine who is one of America’s best-selling authors and the devilish creator of the Fear Street and Goosebumps series of horror stories for kids. Stine is who wrote the book I read, but he came back with a book for the older generation. All of Stines ideas in his books are suggested from real life. Most of his ideas came from his imagination and his memory. He now lives in New York City with his wife Jane, and teenage son, Matthew.

The story took place on a small Pennsylvania College campus. Numerous of murders had taken place. Every murder was much more gruesome than the first. The detectives didn't know what had happened. The victims looked like an out of control ...view middle of the document...

And he had been getting real mad at Sara. On their wedding night they made love by the light of sixteen candles, which was one of his superstitions. They were going on, non-stop. Then he whispered in her ear that he wanted to impregnate her. She accepted the offer without really thinking.

It wasn’t long before all that seemed good turned out bad. There was a total of four murders that was committed and Liam and his sister was still close. One day Sara had came home early and walked in on Margaret and Liam making love in their bed. She was so upset that she threw a mannequin through the glass mirror. Liam screamed in horror and Margaret screamed as well. Sara left the room crying and took a walk around the streets. She decided to go back to the house to get the keys to her apartment that she had had before she moved in with Liam.

She crept into the house and into the room. To her surprise Margaret was brutally slashed from head to toe. It looked like an animal had killed her. Sara ran out the house and went to her bosses’ house. Liam was there, waiting for her; he started telling her the story behind his superstitions. He was innate with the demons of superstitions. His father impregnated his mother to release the demons from him. Then he told her that Margaret was really his wife in Ireland. And the reason why he came to America was to find a victim that he could pass his...

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