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Article Summary
This article is about how the methods of supervision vary depending upon the size and scope of the school district. It defines supervision as a system designed to monitor the quality of education and support teachers in an effort to provide the best possible education. The article mentions three methods of supervision: bureaucratic, democratic, and scientific. The bureaucratic model is a control oriented model that focuses on the bottom line and nothing else. The democratic model attempts to involve the teachers more in the decision making and also allows them to evaluate themselves as far as what is working or not. The scientific method is a more supportive one, were teachers are teachers are issued objective criteria and measured ...view middle of the document...

Article Critique
I agree with this article in regards to making supervision tailor made for the need of each school district. In America our educational system puts forth a lot of effort to have a universal standard of education. We have this blanket mindset that one size fits all. I feel that this mindset is the reason for so many failing schools in America. Schools need to be treated like any good relationship by which it should be treated on an individual needs basis. Just like there are no two fingerprints alike in the world, I believe there are no two schools alike. Threw out my experience I have noticed how the neighborhood that surround the school affects the learning environment of that school. When the bell rings and the doors of that school are shut does not mean the outside world is left outside. Each student brings a piece of that world inside of the building with them. They bring their beliefs, ideas, and customs into that particular schools learning environment.
This article talks about the different methods and styles of school supervision used around the world. Some styles were the school is allowed to come up with its own criteria, while some the school district’s central office supervises the school. The method of supervision is determined by the individual countries themselves. The ever changing and increase complexities of the world we live in will always make education a challenge. We as leaders need to understand that the human races creativity comes from different sources besides that of textbooks and lectures alone. Creativity and intellect derives from a person’s life experiences. This is why supervision of school’s must transcend and factor in the environment that each student comes from if we truly want quality education to take place in the classroom.

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