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Course description and outline
The Ice House Entrepreneurship Program is a unique and powerful online learning program
designed to inspire and engage participants in the fundamental concepts of an
entrepreneurial mindset and the unlimited opportunities it can provide. The overall objective
is to empower learners through entrepreneurial thinking and immerse them in
entrepreneurial experiences that will enable them to develop entrepreneurial skills.
Inspire, Inform and Involve
This highly interactive program enables participants to learn from the first-hand experience
of successful real-world entrepreneurs. Drawing on the eight life-lessons described in the
book, the program combines ...view middle of the document...

The program can also be used to augment
existing curricula or delivered as a stand-alone course. The timeframe can be adapted to
accommodate specific group needs.
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Do not reproduce, redistribute, sell or publish.
The Ice House Entrepreneurship Program
How it works
Drawing on the eight life-lessons described in the book, each lesson contains:
Narrated chalkboard presentation: Distilled from more than 300 hours of on-camera
interviews the narrated presentations provide real-world insight into the fundamental
concepts that enable entrepreneurs to succeed. In addition to the narrated
presentation, each lesson includes video interview segments drawn from a variety of
successful entrepreneurs who have overcome adversity and are willing to share their
knowledge and experience.
Individual learning assessments: True or false, multiple choice quiz’s ensure
knowledge awareness and comprehension while enabling the facilitator to easily
monitor individual student progress. Individual learning assessments are graded based
on a percentage of correct answers.
Online assignments: Each lesson contains online assignments designed to
encourage students to reflect on key concepts and how they can be applied to their
individual circumstances. Online assignments are submitted electronically. Participants
are also encouraged to share their insights in the online entrepreneurial learning
community. Facilitators can establish private groups within the online learning
community that enable them to easily interact with students. Students are assigned
credit based on completion of these assignments.
Discussion topics: Each lesson includes discussion topics designed to foster peer-topeer
interaction while enabling participants to connect their prior knowledge with the
course material. The discussions can take place in the online learning community or in
a traditional classroom setting. Grading is optional.
Offline assignments: Lessons also include experiential offline assignments designed
to involve students in outside activities and immerse them in real-world unpredictable
experiences that will enable them to apply what they are learning to their individual
goals and overall objectives. Offline assignments are designed for individual and small
group activities. Students are encouraged to share what they learn with fellow
participants, either in class or in the online learning community. Grading is optional.
Access to an online community: The Ice House Entrepreneurship program also
provides access to a vibrant online entrepreneurial learning community that enables
educators and entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate. The online community acts
as a virtual campus. Facilitators can establish private groups within the online learning
community that enable them to easily interact with students within their groups.
Companion Text: Participants also...

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