Supply Chain Management Essay

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Summer Internship Report
Business Development Life Cycle
HUSYS Consulting Private Limited- HR function Outsourcing and Management Company

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Company Profile
HUSYS, which stands for human synergies, are in the business of building and managing HR function services for organisations specially ...view middle of the document...

* Associate management services(AMS):
HUSYS provides integrated employee management solution from Hiring to Exit which includes appointment, payroll and statutory PEO services.
* Executive Search:
HUSYS offers business focussed high-end talent acquisition solution to support business growth.
HUSYS developed their own cloud-based zero capital HR software which increases the efficiency of the HR department by 30% to simplify HR procedures.

* Start-up solutions:
HUSYS recently introduced a basic HR function model for start-up companies which would take care of the limited HR needs of start-ups in a really cost-effective manner.
It was a privilege and great learning curve for me to spend two months of quality time during my internship in a company which is thriving to be the leader in deploying and delivering high quality, innovative, cost-effective, accountable and time-sensitive HR services, by leveraging human potential for the betterment of both business and society.

Objectives of the internship programme
The main objective of this internship program was to understand the business development (BD) life cycle of HUSYS. The BD process has different stages with each stage having a set of activities to be performed. So the objective was to understand each and every activity at every stage and finally execute these activities.
The different stages in the BD process were:
* Exploring the market for HR services
* Identifying the target companies
* Gathering information about the target companies
* Getting the contact details of the decision makers of the target companies
* Calling up the decision maker and explaining the services HUSYS provides
* Setting up meetings with the decision makers
* Executing the meetings
In addition, there were a few of more objectives:
* To spread the reach of HUSYS in and around the industrial zones of Hyderabad
* To reach as many companies as possible and make them aware of what HUSYS does
* A small research assignment, the objective of which was to understand the current status of HR practices in the SMEs.
* Identification of different associations which HUSYS can be a part of to come in contact with greater number of companies which can later become its potential clients.
* Active promotional campaigns through online media like LinkedIn, Facebook and other online networks and groups.
Identification of problems
The key problem areas for HUSYS prior to the internship were
* Poor brand visibility
* Not enough awareness about the services of HUSYS amongst the SMEs
* Very little spending on marketing
* Absence of a comprehensive database of potential clients
* Minimal online presence
Schedule of Activities
1. Introduction to HUSYS Services: As mentioned above the main objective of this internship program was to understand the business development (BD) life cycle of HUSYS. But before getting into the BD life...

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