Supply Chain Management Test 1 Study Guide

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Operations: Managing Supply Chain Processes
Test 1 Study Guide

Date: Monday, September 22, 2014
Topics: SCM Concepts (Episode 1) – Video, Reading, In Class Discussion & Activities
Network Design (Episode 2) – Video, Reading, In Class Discussion & Activities
Long Range Planning (Episode 3) – Video, Readings, In Class Discussion & Activities
Short Range Planning (Episode 4) – Video, Readings, In Class Discussion & Activities
Seven Principles of Supply Chain Management – Reading

Format: 40 multiple choice x 2 points = 80

Bring: Scantron form, pencil, calculator

Preparation Strategy

1. Read the articles and review anything from the videos that is ...view middle of the document...

centralized networks – decision making authority is held by a core group of managers,
i. benefits – lower overhead costs, economies of scale, lower safety stock levels
decentralized – decision making given to managers at individual nodes  control customer interaction
benefits – shorter lead times, better customer service, lower delivery costs
b. direct distribution, cross docks, and distribution centers.
i. Direct distribution – point to point service (newspaper)
ii. Cross dock – does not hold goods, quick sorting + mixing
iii. Distribution center – holds good

5. Understand the key steps in a network configuration process.
a. Define problem and choose model
i. current network configuration
ii. performance of that network
iii. needs assessment (how can we change?)
b. Collect data and validate current network
i. Data on: Suppliers, Transportation, Demand data, general data, facility data, forecasts
c. Develop and run scenarios
d. Evaluate results and take action
6. What is capacity planning and why do companies engage in it?
a. output rate that can be achieved to deliver in a defined time
i. Short term – focus on the effective utilization of existing capacity and actively managing constraints that are impeding progress
ii. Long term – invest in facilities and equipment to meet future demand and achieve economies of scale
b. companies engage because capacity planning impacts demand, influences operating costs, involves long term commitment, affects competitiveness
7. Be prepared to calculate capacity utilization levels.
Actual output/capacity * 100%
8. Understand the two major categories of forecasting and when they are best used.
a. Qualitative – best used when market is unpredictable, relying on judgment of management
b. Quantitative – best used when market it predictable, all the numbers input predict the market future (moving average, weighted moving average, exponential smoothing,
9. Be prepared to calculate forecasts using time series analysis methods (simple moving averages, weighted moving averages, exponential smoothing). Also, be ready to...

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