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Support Individuals To Live At Home (Hsc 3022)

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Support individuals to live at home
(HSC 3022)

Essential standards for quality and safety
Compliance Criteria

There is a new law about regulating health and adult social care in England. It replaces the National minimum standards. From 1 October 2010, every health and adult social care service in England is legally responsible for making sure it meets new essential standards of quality and safety. Providers must show they are meeting essential standards as part of a new registration system which focuses on people rather than policies, on outcomes rather than systems. The essential standards relate to important aspects of care such as involvement and information for people, personalised ...view middle of the document...

* You will get the food and drink you need to meet your dietary needs.
* You get the treatment that you and your health or care professional agree will make a difference to your health and wellbeing.
* You will get safe and co-ordinated care where more than one care provider is involved or if you are moved between services.
3. You can expect to be safe
* You will be protected from abuse or the risk of abuse, and staff will respect your human rights.
* You will be cared for in a clean environment where you are protected from infection.
* You will get the medicines you need, when you need them, and in a safe way.
* You will be cared for in a safe and accessible place that will help you as you recover.
* You will not be harmed by unsafe or unsuitable equipment.
4. You can expect to be cared for by qualified staff
* Your health and welfare needs are met by staff who are properly qualified.
* There will always be enough members of staff available to keep you safe and meet your health and welfare needs.
* You will be looked after by staff who are well managed and have the chance to develop and improve their skills.
5. You can expect your care provider to constantly check the quality of its services
* Your care provider will continuously monitor the quality of its services to make sure you are safe.
* If you, or someone acting on your behalf makes a complaint, you will be listened to and it will be acted upon properly.
* Your personal records, including medical records, will be accurate and kept safe and confidential.

Support individuals to live at home
(HSC 3022)

Outcome 1 Understand the principles of supporting individuals to live at
1. Describe how being supported to live at home can benefit an individual

Individuals who are supported to remain in their own home can benefit greatly in a number of ways. With the support of family friends and various agencies, it allows them to remain in familiar surroundings and remain part of their community and continue to participate in community life. Individuals are able to take control of the support they receive and the service provider giving that support, which can be to their individual choice and tailored to suit their personal needs and preferences. They are able to decide what they would like to do each day and who they would like to do it with. It allows individuals to have control over their own environment and enables them to decide who is welcome into their homes and lives and who is not. Something we all take for granted. By supporting individuals to live at home it empowers them and allows them to achieve maximum independence and continue to exercise full control over their lives and lead a full life no matter what their level of dependency.

2. Compare the roles of people and agencies who may be needed to support an individual to live at home

There are various different people and agencies needed to support an individual to live at home....

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