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When Kudler decides to take the option of utilizing the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, it will be a smart choice for its flexibility, however the staff of Kudler will most likely not be qualified to service this new piece of technology. There is little need to worry though, as Novell embraces its role of providing support and maintenance for all its products.As noted on their website,, “Novell's world class support organization offers customers the best support experience in the industry.” (Novell, Inc., 2010) It makes little distinction from smallish businesses, like Kudler, or globe-spanning industries, they uphold their claim to provide the Linux support offerings to meet all business needs. Novell is also noted as having “more than 25 years of experience, Global Support Centers and ...view middle of the document...

(Novell, Inc., 2010)The price for a subscription to this detailed support can be tailored to fit the level of the business in question, with a table available on Novell’s website for perusal.(Novell, Inc., 2010)A year of the basic support could be as low as $349.00, with three years being $940.00. A year of priority service, designed to have the fastest response time possible, would be $1,499.00, and three years being $4,050.00. As the priority service appears to have prices which might be better suited to larger industries, it would be recommended that Kudler gain a subscription to the standard support. This standard subscription strikes a more realistic medium, with a year of support being $799.00, and three years being $2,160.00. As the three year contract has a slight reduction for the overall time compared to renewing for a year each time, and that the server should be flexible enough to be adaptable to future upgrades, it would be in Kudler’s best interests to take the three year service agreement.References:Novell, Inc. (2010). Suse linux enterprise server. Retrieved from

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