Supporting Mobile Health Clinics: The Children’s Health Fund Of New York City

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While the mobile medical clinics of the Children’s Health Fund are in great need and an excellent asset, they are not only costly, but exhibit a large number of difficulties to overcome as well. The mobile medical clinics provide medical, dental and mental health services to underserved children in areas where these services are needed most. The mobile medical clinics also provide health education for the children and their families. Providing these services requires a great deal of information and technology. Information collected from the patient needs to be stored securely, shared securely and accessed securely. The need for security is required by HIPAA and that security is achieved ...view middle of the document...

The electronic health record systems are required in part by the HITECH Act, which offsets some of the costs of utilizing the system by providing financial incentives for healthcare professionals who implement the systems. The question has been posed, “will the federal government’s HITECH stimulus funds and Meaningful Use standards lead to better software integration solutions?” The stimulus funds may provide financial backing to improve software integration, but I believe these improvements would be forthcoming anyway simply because the numbers of users are on the rise and those users will continue to attempt to implement more efficient ways to utilize the software.
The mobile medical clinics have had difficulties in connectivity, thus resulting in problems associated with patient data being inaccessible or unable to be provided to other reception points. The mobile medical clinics have observed that there are several challenges with being mobile. Networks must be available and reliable for the mobile clinics. This is essential for patient data, which must be secured, to be shared. It is imperative that the networking technologies be easy to use and not require on the spot maintenance. The networking equipment should also be inexpensive to utilize. There are many other costs associated with the mobile clinics without having to add to those costs with this type of equipment. The mobile medical clinics have experimented with data transfer by several different means. Early on, the mobile clinics used satellite based access for data transfer. This proved to be costly and unreliable. Another attempt at data transfer was through cellular wireless networks. While this option provided the required throughput for sending the information, it did not provide the reliability and dependability needed in coverage. This option provided coverage more so at a “consumer level” instead of at the “professional level” that is necessary in mobile medical...

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