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Supporting The Teacher Essay

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Supporting the Teacher Assignment 1
Student number

Describe how you might contribute to a lesson given to a group of seven year old children learning to play percussions.

The role of teaching assistant has changed considerably over the years. Initially assistants functioned as classroom auxiliaries who relieved teachers of care and ‘’house keeping’’ type duties (clayton, 1993) but government initiatives in inclusion, curriculum development and workforce remodelling have resulted in them taking on an ever-increasing variety of tasks with many playing a significant role in the learning and teaching process.(Richards and Armstrong,2008)

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Supporting the teacher in managing pupil’s behaviour and reporting any difficulties as appropriate is also very important. Observing and keeping records of any information that will be relevant to the teacher.

Finally, I would help to make sure that all pupils feel that they are involved in the lesson so that everyone feels included and positive. I would support the pupils by establishing a good relationship with them and act ad a good role model to them by being aware and responding to all question asked. I would encourage and assist that children in returning the instruments to the correct area, checked they are still in good condition and put away, tidy and safely, if required, I would discuss the lesson with the teacher and pass on any necessary information.

What might be your role in organising, using and maintaining the learning resources, material and equipment?

My role as a teaching assistant in their lesson regarding organisation and materials is to ensure every thing is ready for the lesson and keeping class room resources in good order. It involves working under direction of the teacher to prepare and maintain an effective learning environment. The aim of school environment is used to raise standards, inform and enhance pupils learning and create a stimulating educational setting.

According to the Children Act 1989 (children (Scotland) Act 1995) all staff working in a school have a responsibility to ensure that pupils are cared for and safe, and also requires that staff protect children as far as possible when they are in their care. (Burnham and Diaz, 2008)

When helping with using and maintaining the learning resources, material and, I would set out the required learning resources and material as requested by the teacher (working sheets to be printed, or photocopied, laminating any material, posters, charts, and any other visual aids). I would have to check to make sure all the equipments are clean, not broken and that they have no safety hazards. This includes the carpet area and other surfaces around the room. Children will be informed of the relevant health and safety guidance when issuing resources. I would ensure the classroom reflect the diversity of the school through postal displays, photographs and use to dual language vocabulary. Furniture will be layout safely and there would be adequate space for the children to move around comfortably for the number of people using them. Everyone should be able to access materials and equipment as required. The furniture would be an appropriate size for the age of the pupils, so that they are able to sit comfortably when working individual or small group. I would classify labelled and stored resources in a way that helps the children to find and use them. Children will be encouraged to return materials to the appropriate place after use. It is important to maintain a complete and accurate inventory of resources. When the lesson ends, my role would be to make...

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