Suppoting Teaching And Learning In School

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Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools
Level 3 Unit 10 – Engage and personal development in health, social care or children’s and young people’s setting.
1.1 Describe your main duties and responsibilities in school. Please provide a job description to support this.

My roles and responsibilities are:
• To supervise children inside and out.
• To plan and prepare resources for activities to support all areas of development
• To support the class teachers and nursery nurse
• To support and develop children in all areas of their development
• To be flexible in my work role allowing myself to be placed in another role should it be required
• To liaise with parents/carers
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Also it’s important to how we will make the explanation memorable and engaging for them to remember.

Promote positive behaviour
The children watch us all the time they see how we talk to other children and also adults. You need to show them at all times how to behave. We provide and play an important role in guiding children's behavior in positive, supportive, and age-appropriate ways. The most appropriate ways to guide behavior are different at different ages, depending on their developmental abilities and needs. Effective guidance strategies also depend on the individual child's personality. Strategies that work well for one child may not be effective for another child of the same age. I would always discuss the rules with children and they are also scattered around the school for example help each other be kind to each other and say please and thank you. I always set good examples for the children by encouraging them to work hard so they can see what good comes out of it. It is important to give the children choices and try and steer them in the right direction. My motto and I also say the same to the children treat people how you would like to be treated so I will always so them respect and try and talk to them about their behavior in private rather in front of the other children to remind them of the rules. When the children are being good I will always give them positive attention for their good behavior and ask them how it makes them feel.
Develop good relationships with children
I need to be able to build a trust with children so that they feel that they are able to come to me with any problems they might be facing. I will always let the children know that i will always listen and ensure that I am focusing on what they are saying and try and work out by their body language what they are felling. I try and spend time with each child show I can show then that I am interested and enjoy their company. I always try to let the children know that I understand how he/she feels to help them learn to cope for example I can’t tell you’re feeling sad, I feel that you need to show the children respect and consider their perspective when setting the rules in class. It is essential to always keep your promises, be honest and clear about what you expect from them, apologise when you make a mistake and forgive them for their mistakes. Help them understand that you expect them to do the same with you.
Promote equality, diversity and inclusion
Every child has got the right to be educated in a safe and friendly environment where all their individual needs are met; and yet they form one group. Inclusion means involving every student in all classroom activities; it is ensuring that nobody is excluded directly or indirectly. Equality is about giving everyone the right to learn, regardless their age, disability, gender, race, religion and belief and sexual orientation. Diversity is valuing and promoting differences among students. It is incredibly...

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