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Student Survival Guide
Axia College

In order to achieve success in an online learning environment, students must be able to conduct successful library and internet searches, uphold academic honesty, develop effective study skills, manage time wisely and set and achieve goals. In order to do this, Axia College presented GEN 105 as one of the first courses students undertake to assist them in learning the skills necessary to be successful. Below is a plan of action that the writer has created in order to successfully achieve my goal of earning my Associates Degree through Axia College.
Using Axia’s Educational Resources

• The University has a library online. To ...view middle of the document...

Upholding Academic Honesty

• Axia College's academic honesty policy states
"University of Phoenix students utilize university resources with honesty and integrity. These resources include, but are not limited to, the online library online consultation with faculty, and registration systems. In addition to truthful representation in these areas, students must acknowledge references form original works, avoid plagiarism, and use writing and formatting styles generally accepted as sound academic writing."
• To avoid plagiarism:
1. Use the APA Reference Manual
2. Write down the website, author and date you find the source for each and every source.
3. Make sure that you cite all information, whether you are paraphrasing, summarizing or directly quoting the material.
4. Complete a reference for each and every citation that you make.
5. If you do not understand the information in order to summarize or paraphrase the information, then directly quote the information
• To correctly cite references

1. Use the APA Reference Manual
2. Write down the website, author and date you find the source for each and every source. Make sure the book, if applicable is listed, the publisher, year of publication, and any page numbers you specifically are using.
3. Double check your reference before submission with the APA Reference Manual.
4. Save each reference and location in case you misplace what you write down or leave out necessary information to cite the source.

Fostering Reading Comprehension and Retention

• Forming Study Skills for a distance learning environment
1. Create an area where you can work, include music (if you need to), lighting, necessary equipment, and ability to have good posture
2. Set aside time to study each day, at the same time, that you can work uninterrupted.
3. Organize your assignments according to when the assignments are due, how much time the assignment will take to complete and the amount of time you have set aside to study.
4. Save academic websites that you normally use and are sound, unbiased websites.
• Using SQ3R and other study habits
1. Survey - think about the title, and the subheadings. How does it relate to your topic?
2. Question - Turn each heading and subheading into a question to answer when you are reading.
3. Read - Read only one section, looking for answers to your questions
4. Recite - answer the questions in your own words. This helps you to determine if you...

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