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Survival In Changing Environments. Based On The Two Towers By J.R.Tolken, The Matrix By The Wachalsci Brothers And Tomorrow When The War Began By John Marsden

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A changing environment requires adaptation and change as a prerequisite to survival. Survival in changed worlds such as in The Two Towers by J.R.Tolken, The Matrix by the Wachalsci brothers and Tomorrow When the War Began by John Marsden all require extreme changes psychologically, both as an individual and in a group or unit environment.The psychological effect that a changing environment, and therefore the need for adaptation, has upon the individual varies depending upon the subject person/s. These changes often include either a change in perspective and/or an adaptation in thought processes. The Wachalsci brothers' The Matrix takes its main character, Neo, and places him in a new ...view middle of the document...

This new perspective or 'big picture' gave Frodo the ability to survive and save the lives of his friends. Tomorrow When the War began depicts a regular teenage girl, Ellie, faced with the invasion of her country and moral issues such as killing and death. A lack of adaptation on the part of someone faced with the same dilemmas as Ellie, such as Chris, another character who's thought processes led him to alcohol and eventually his death would have been, and were catastrophic. Ellie, Neo and Frodo's adaptation and renewed thought processes gave them new perspectives not only upon their situations, but also on themselves as individuals.The new psychological perspective given to those faced with a changing environment allows them to develop as individuals. The discovery of flaws in character made by Neo, such as his inability to 'let go' of the matrix, led to his realisation of his full potential and his effective functioning as part of a group. This allowed him to view himself as a small part of something larger than himself and work with Trinity, the two relying on each other, to save Morpheus. In Lord of the rings, the men of Gondor, in the same situation as Frodo, were faced with destruction, joined forces with the men of Rohan to achieve a common goal. These two nations' adaptation and complementation of each other's forces in a changed situation allowed them to save themselves. Frodo, given a new perspective, reacted to his discovery of self-confidence and also the realisation...

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