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Susan B Anthony Essay

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Susan Brownell Anthony is known for her important role in the women’s rights movement in the 19th century and changed the course of the women’s history in the United States. Susan B Anthony was born in 1820 in Adams Massachusetts. She was an American civil rights leader who introduced women’s suffrage into the United States. Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Caddy Stanton paired up to form The Women’s New York State temperance movement in 1852 and Women’s Suffrage Association in 1869 (Freeman, 2002). Together they campaigned for women’s rights to be recognized and implemented in the American government. The two women traveled all over the US campaigning for women’s rights to own property and to ...view middle of the document...

2) More than 8 million American women were able to vote in 1920.
In the early 19th century they women in the United States held the status of second-class citizens. Women were made slaves within their homes and had no right to own property, earn wages, hold a political office or even sign a contract. Women were considered inferior to men and forced to adhere to well defined gender roles. When Elizabeth Caddy Stanton and her colleagues were not allowed to sit at the world anti-slavery convention in England held in 1840, they had first women’s rights convention at Seneca Falls in 1848. The purpose of this convention was to refuse this ill-treatment of women and demand necessary change in laws regarding child custody divorce and right to own property(Taylor,1999) Anthony partnered with and other delegates of the National women’s right convention, had annual meetings to discuss women’s rights issues. They insisted that women had a right to equal wages, career opportunities in and the ministry. They refused to allow the unjust treatment of women and demanded for necessary change. Stanton and Anthony disagreed with the fact that women were deliberately excluded from juries and could not have careers in law or medicine. They protested the laws that gave husbands ownership of their wives and children and called for coeducation and women’s right to divorce. Anthony...

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