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Sustainability And Eco Friendly Essay

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Sustainable Companies
Week 5 Written Assignment

Ashley Couch
MBA 520-D1C2 Ethics & Leadership in a Global Environment
Professor Theresa Pavone
September 27, 2012

In today’s society companies are trying to be more eco-friendly and are creating more sustainable products. A sustainable product is one that provides environmental, economic and social benefits while also protecting the public’s health and the environment as a whole. This starts from day one of the extraction of the material to the finalized product. I have chosen two companies to take a look at that make sustainable products: Green Toys Inc., and Caterpillar.
Green Toys, Inc. is a toy company that incorporates ...view middle of the document...

Their products are healthy for consumers, safe for workers, environmentally sound, beneficial to local communities, and economically viable, all things that make a sustainable product. (Edwards, 2010) Their mission statement and vision is as follows” We believe the world would be a much better place if … all toys were fun, safe, and made from environmentally friendly materials” (Green Toys, 2012). This thoroughly matches what they as a company and their toys represent for the economy and their consumers. At this time there does not seem to be any issue with non-market stakeholders objecting to this. The company is still at the newer phase of starting out.
Another company that creates sustainability through its business and its products is Caterpillar. The company has remanufactured diesel engines and components for its own power systems and machines since the 1970’s. The provide products, services and solutions that are sustainable, including reducing emissions and remanufacturing. They remain popular by the fact that their customers want more value from their products, along with engines that burn less fuel, and machines that work more productively. With both the company and the consumer wanting to obtain the same goal, this keeps the company profitable. One way that consumers and the company feel helps aid this, is rebuilding and repairing current equipment versus purchasing a whole new piece of equipment. Their vision includes living in a world that peoples basic requirements are fulfilled in a way that sustains the environment. Their mission is to assist in enabling economic growth and development of energy while providing solutions that safeguard the people and preserve the planet. They also have many goals for the future that will help them obtain this such as: Increase customer materials efficiency by 20%,...

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