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Sustainability Brief Essay

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Sustainability is established on a clear-cut standard; everything that is essential for our continued existence and well-being depends, directly or indirectly, on our natural environment. Sustainability generates and preserved the conditions under which human beings and nature can exist in constructive accord, which allows fulfilling the economic, social and other conditions of current and future generations. Sustainability is vital to making sure that humans will maintain and will have materials, water, and resources to guard human health and our environment.
Sustainability has surfaced as an outcome of major distress about the unintentional economic, environmental, and ...view middle of the document...

At a global level, unfairness and inequality of opportunity lie in the center of global unsteadiness, fear, and combat. If earth is to endure and flourish, there would have to be some major changes in standard values, social arrangements and economic organization. Lastly, stronger countries have to assist the weaker countries to plan growth in the context of the global autonomy of all human society on each other and on the natural nation. There has to be a major change in sustainability.
St. Louis City first adopted a sustainability plan, by the St. Louis’s Planning Commission in January 2013, in February 2013 the Mayor of St. Louis City, Francis Slay, publicize the Sustainability Action Agenda of precedence proposal for sustainability plan for the next five years. November 6-7, 2013 the Mayor implemented “Sustainability Summit III: implement”, that was directed by Catherine Werner, the sustainability Director for the City of St. Louis. This summit was to make the people of St. Louis City aware that at this time the Mayor believes that St. Louis City is in a great position to begin executing the City of St. Louis Plan and the Sustainability Action Agenda. In the upcoming months the City of St. Louis residents will begin seeing...

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