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Sustainability Paper

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Sustainability Paper

Sustainability Paper
PepsiCo is an excellent case in point of demonstrating how sustainability is used to build business longevity. Team-A will assess PepsiCo sustainability initiatives, identify stakeholders, affect of fiscal policies on stakeholders, sustainability achievements, and sustainability breakdowns. PepsiCo sustainability initiatives will be evaluated to industry sustainability standards. Team-A will identify PepsiCo stakeholder relationships and how sustainability policies are applied.
Sustainability Defined
Sustainability refers to upholding, supporting, or preservation of a particular role or function. Additionally in sustainability most ...view middle of the document...

Consumer trends indicate buyers want his or her products to be made of reusable materials. Manufacturers have the opportunity to keep costs low when recycled materials are used to make a product. PepsiCo makes the company direction clear preserving resources and demonstrating the company directives in the protection of natural resources. Sustainability is important to the financial success of PepsiCo’s resource efficiency keeping costs down by using natural resources (PepsiCo, 2010).
PepsiCo must develop strategies that will enable them as an organization to meet the needs and find ways that would peak the interest of the financial stakeholders as well as the non-financial stakeholders. A financial stakeholder is in the position to benefit or experience a loss, depending on the success of PepsiCo. With that said Pepsi must continue to build a brand that would enrich the company’s profits therefore developing sustainability. Non-financial stakeholders can have an influence on the business because selling expenses and labor expenses as well as bargaining power has an effect on the company’s operation and profits. PepsiCo defines sustainability as, “investing in healthier future for people and our planet” (Performance with purpose, 2010, para. 1). PepsiCo sustainability aids stakeholders and local economies generate income and opportunity. PepsiCo sustainability initiatives guard stakeholder, consumers, and the environment interest. PepsiCo’s sustainability mission statement as written in Performance with Purpose (2010) states:
We will continue to build a portfolio of enjoyable and wholesome foods and beverages; find innovative ways to reduce the use of energy, water and packaging; and provide a great workplace for our associates. Additionally, we will respect, support and invest in the local communities where we operate by hiring local people, creating products designed for local tastes and partnering with local farmers, governments and community groups (para. 2).
Affect on Profits and Measuring Sustainability
Stakeholders are a community, shareholders, or consumers. Stakeholders are influenced by the company’s capability to manage corporate sustainability. Sustainability affects all parties who conduct business with a company. An organization can increase its value by creating and selling product that is profitable and bring in high revenues as well as monopolizing the market, and at the same time making a positive impact on society, this is where sustainability comes in and Pepsi focuses on performance with a purpose meaning they intend to deliver sustainable growth by investing in a healthy future for the people and our planet.
PepsiCo is a recognized globally for initiatives to gain sustainability. Recognizing deficiencies in sustainability internationally has been a successful for PepsiCo. Pepsi is succeeding in the environmental area of sustainability in India, According to U.S.-India Business Council...

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