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Sustainable Development Essay

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Upton’s premise is a mix-use development providing the full range of dwelling types supported by economic opportunity and social infrastructure. The site was assembled through English partnerships, which were granted outline planning permission for Upton in 1997 (Community and Local Government 2007). The scheme aims to deliver 1,382 homes by its completion in 2013 (Clark 2010).
Engaging the community was an important aspect of the schemes development process. In 2001, English Partnerships (EP) collaborated with Northampton Borough Council, the Prince’s Foundation and EDAW, an urban design consultancy, to establish the Upton Working Group to implement the Upton project. Several revised ...view middle of the document...

In new settlements and urban extensions there is a tendency to focus heavily on traditional features of an English Village, resulting in a pastiche urban fabric, with Poundbury Dorchester having a profound effect on the design approach of new urban extensions.
Upton’s Masterplan and Design Code
To implement Upton’s ambition, design codes were used as an effective tool. Originally, the Upton design code was formed in 2003 and underwent modifications throughout the succeeding years (Street 2006). The design code is exercised as a method for determining the appearance of streets and physical buildings which are the main structuring elements of the development. Currently, the manifestations of the design code are a hierarchy of street forms including mews and courtyards, with use of local materials, trees, street furniture and the treatment of boundaries between public and private spaces.
Jackson (2007) denotes the Planning Policy Statements that influenced the key stakeholders in the development of the Upton urban extension, citing:
PPG3 Housing (DETR, 2000a), (substituted with PPS3 (CLG, 2006a));
PPG23 Planning and pollution control (DoE, 1994);
PPG25: Development and flood risk (ODPM, 2001) (substituted with PPS25 (CLG, 2006b));
PPG17: Planning for open space, sport and recreation (ODPM, 2002).
Furthermore, a representative from EP proposed that their major role was to apply policy for government and present was a large commitment to deliver the sustainable communities policy. However, emphasised was the need to be pragmatic and practical to inform policy makers what was achievable or not. Upton essentially expands the urban centre of Northampton creating a poly-centricity. It is the first such development in the UK to be strictly controlled by design codes, where the landowner (English Partnerships) has set high standards controlling building design, planning...

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