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Sustainable Lifestyles Essay

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Identify the current trend, event or issue
Sustainable lifestyles are shaped by culture, politics, social norms and economics. In order for more of the population to develop sustainable lifestyles people must begin rethinking their ways of living. Making changes to how people socialize, exchange, educate, share and build their identities. People are a part of groups and communities that give their lives meaning, purpose and shape their ways of life. Citizens’ choices on food, waste, transportation, communication and energy use all can contribute to building sustainable lifestyles (Visions for change 2011).
Establish how the trend is relevant to sustainability
The global environmental, economic and social challenges society faces today are proof that consumption and production practices are far from sustainable. Challenges like waste generation, air pollution, water shortages and climate change have all been impacted ...view middle of the document...

In Motivating Sustainable Consumption: A Review of Evidence on Consumer Behavior and Behavioral Change (2005), Tim Jackson states,
“The opportunities for consumer-based social marketing, social learning, participatory problem solving and the discursive unfreezing of embedded, routine behaviors are all key areas for those thinking about behavioral change.”
Importance of the trend, its impact on the industry & recommendations
According to the United Nations Environment Program’s Sustainable Consumption & Production Branch, leading companies and business networks are introducing new strategies and technologies that are involved in ongoing efforts to improve resource management and attain renewable energies. They are also developing and managing their supply chains in unison with the codes of conduct on social and environmental accountability and responsibility.
Sustainable consumption and production (SCP) is a concept that aims at reducing the environmental footprint that applies along the lifecycle of products and services. This includes researching resources, product design, marketing, and disposal or reuse/recycling of the goods. Some businesses are pro-active and seeking to address global challenges of SCP and climate change. They work to measure and continuously shrink their carbon footprints and other harmful impacts on the global environment. Businesses are at the center of production and their practices shape the market, if they adopt these practices they can make SCP a reality.

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