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Sustainability is defined as being, “Capable of being continued with minimal long-term effect on the environment” (The free dictionary). This idea of longevity is broken into three aspects: environment, society, and the economy. These three aspects are used in harmony to help define sustainability, which is referred to as the triple bottom line (TBL). Demands for corporate sustainability stem from stiff laws and regulations, fear of loss of sales, and the decline in reputation due to the negligence of the sustainability movement (Sexton,Marcus, Easter, & Burkhardt, 1999). For this particular thought assignment I will discuss that a mixture of a vertical and horizontal formal structure ...view middle of the document...

Sustainability requires an organization to be sustainable throughout all functions. This is because sustainability doesn’t focus merely on the fact that a company should reduce its environmental impact but, the fact that social implications on society, employees, and the economy in which they operate must be taken into account. If an organization focuses sustainability into one vertical information linkage other departments of the organization will loose focus of the company’s goal which is to sustain. Other departments will see that there is a department strictly dedicated to sustainability and won’t see the need to focus their attention or efforts to sustainability. According to Daft and Armstrong, “horizontal communication overcomes barriers between departments and provides opportunities for coordination among employees to achieve unity of effort and organizational objectives” (Armstrong & Daft, ch.3, pg.90). So having all departments working together and communicating on how to become sustainable will actually allow the organization to reach its objective of sustainability. In simpler terms, everyone in the organization is on the same page. Productivity will increase because there is more communication about the goal of the entire organization as well as a sense of doing right. Employees will feel good about themselves because they are working to make the organization socially responsible by reducing its waste. Which in turn changes the organization’s values to being responsible which is the new and best way to carry out business. This is because they know that they aren’t harming the society in which they operate from an environment perspective and also not creating scrutiny from the public. Therefore, the organization should incorporate horizontal information linkages as well as vertical information linkages. In this case we would have the president at the top followed by the c-level managers (CSO, CFO etc.). Now for each product line (different market/customer) we will have a manager, whose task is to coordinate with the c-level managers of each department. This vertical and horizontal structure combination known as a matrix would allow the organization to meet their multiple customer demands. I think customers want a product that satisfies their needs and promotes sustainability at the same time. Having the horizontal linkages in the organization allows all products to satisfy the specific need of the consumer and the coordination with the vertical structure linkage of sustainability reviewing...

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