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Svq 3 Reflect And Develop My Practice

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Reflect and develop your practice .
I first started with the mungo foundation 13 years ago as a relief worker this however was not my first role within the care sector. I had previously worked within the addictions service and the young homeless. Early teachings within my family of catholicism installed good values within my life I E to see individuals holistically and to treat all individuals with respect and dignity. Before gaining employment within the mungo foundation I had also worked within the armed forces as a military police officer and had never worked or spent any time with individuals who had learning difficulties. And new nothing of there life styles ...view middle of the document...

The latest one being the care standards act. This was achieved through consultation with my line manager for myself and them to help with my individual training plan for self development. I was aided to do this through supervision and evaluation and my own personal development plan allowing me to identify areas of training that I require through personal reflection . Throughout the time I have been employed by the mungo foundation I have achieved a full time position and continue on a daily basis to reflect on my own working practice and that of other staff by writing daily reports and then discussing those notes with the individual service user and having daily change overs allowing the staff team to discuss how the shift before has went. Allowing myself and other staff team to reflect on our own practice. To see if anything different that I or the staff team could have done. Supervision gives me the chance to converse with my manager in private and allows me to help identify areas of my working practice that may still need to be enhanced and allowing myself to seek out training for my personal development and areas that I need training in.once agreed in the areas of training I require this would be recorded in my personal supervision notes and goals set this would also...

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