Sweet Treats Case Study

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“Sweet Treats”

I. Executive Summary

This case primary helps Sweet Treats sales manager to analyze the recruitment and selection process of the company. The team had gathered and combined the ideas that we had created and we came up with five different alternatives namely; Develop an attractive, user-friendly recruitment website, with access to a wide range of detailed information for potential candidates about the benefits of working in your organization, Use applicant-tracking software, Check referrals and recommendations and try outsourcing of recruits, Establish ongoing recruitment process, and lastly, seeking recruitment assistance. Read on further for you know what we had ...view middle of the document...

Plus it frees up more of their time for more value-added tasks.

2. Use applicant-tracking software

Companies use applicant-tracking software to help them collect and analyze recruitment data. Applicants request a login to the software and enter basic employee information, such as their name, contact information and skill set. The software provides recruiters with the ability to extract data from the resume to determine the applicant's level of qualification and has the capability to trigger notifications. Applicants can receive these notifications during different phases of the recruitment process. When the hiring manager selects an applicant for employment, the applicant tracking software can generate an offer letter or send a notice to disqualified applicants.

3. Check referrals and recommendations
Outsourcing the human resource (HR) processes is the latest practice being followed by middle and large sized organizations. It is being witnessed across all the industries. Human Resource Outsourcing refers to the process in which an organization uses the expert services of a third party (generally professional consultants) to take care of its HR functions while HR management can focus on the strategic dimension of their function. The functions that are typically outsourced are the functions that need expertise, relevant experience, knowledge and best methods and practices. This has given rise to outsourcing the various HR functions of an organization.

4. Establish on going recruitment process
Recruitment should be a strategic process that connects candidates who need what you have to offer and who possess the skills and aptitude to accomplish your goals and objectives. Establishing and maintaining an effective recruitment process can decrease the amount of time it takes to hire new employees, increase the quality of new hires and increase overall employee productivity. Investing the time to develop an effective recruitment process will ensure that you, your existing employees and your business can realize the benefits that much sooner.

5. Seek Recruitment Assistance
The employee recruitment process is one of the more critical aspects of running a successful business. As a business owner or manager you need good employees to address critical business needs. And yet most everyone treats hiring as a necessary evil only to be done when it is absolutely necessary. Adopting a different philosophy about recruiting and hiring employees can provide the edge necessary to get the best employees, faster and for less money.

IV. Analyzing Alternatives

1. Develop an attractive, user-friendly recruitment website, with access to a wide range of detailed information for potential candidates about the benefits of working...

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