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Company Profile

Dialog Telekom PLC (The Company/Dialog Telekom/Dialog) operates Sri Lankan’s largest and fastest growing mobile telecommunication network – Dialog Mobile. The company is also one of the largest listed companies on the Colombo Stock Exchange in terms of market capitalisation.

Dialog Telekom PLC is a subsidiary of Axiata Group Berhad (Axiata). Dialog has spearheaded the mobile industry in Sri Lanka since the late 90’s, propelling it to a level of technology on par with the developed world. The company operates 2.5G, 3G, 3.5G mobile services, supporting the very latest in multimedia the mobile internet services as well as international roaming across over 200 ...view middle of the document...



1. As the first mover of GSM in Sri Lanka technology, has a greater competitive advantage.
Today when compared to the competitors dialog has expand their products and service portfolio by bringing new concepts to the telecommunication industry. For an example they are the first to introduce roaming systems, broadband systems and satellite TV system to the Sri Lankan telecommunication industry.

2. Strong infrastructure and hence the mobile telecommunication coverage is one of the widest and best in Sri Lanka.
Currently when comparing to the competitors dialog has a wider distribution network, which has help them to reach each every part of the island with effectively and efficiently. And also dialog is having a better coverage of signals in the mobile connections where from North to East.

3. Relationship with a telecommunication giant in the region; Telekom Malaysia Group.

4. With numerous collaborations with other Telecom Corporations, has enabled Dialog to have a global reach with services such as High Roaming and Satellite Coverage.

5. Aggressive marketing strategy allowing Dialog brand name to be carried to every corner of the country and hence to have a good and stable Brand Equity.

6. As reflected in the financial analysis the financial stability of the organization with all the current investments.

7. Strong Public Relations that has been built up over the years.

8. Greater CSR involvement reflected via the CSR initiatives that has taken place.

9. Technology leadership with high technical innovation. This is powered by their Applied Research & Development initiatives in areas such as GPRS, MMS, EDGE, Intelligent network services, SMS, GPRS/WAP, IVR«.etc.

10. Boosting company image through investors’ confidence reflected via share prices.

11. Strong island wide distribution network.

12. Greater level of customer satisfaction via high quality customer support.
As declared in the strategic analysis, currently dialog has the greatest market share. This is due to his customer friendly environment and also high level of customer satisfaction. They provide 24*7 customer care service and on the other hand dialog has effective customer complaint software which helps the customers to lodge their complaints if they have any. And within 24 hours the CRM department of dialog tends to react to the complaint. Therefore dialog plays a vital role in customer satisfaction when comparison to the competitors of the mobile connection industry

13. Well established customer base.

14. Extended breath of product range.

15. Skilled and dedicated

16. High level of corporate business knowledge retention through low employee turnover (exception is the front-office staff)


1. No Clear focus for a broader market even though there is a huge investment on advertising and value addition through technical innovation.

2. Poor performance as an ISP.


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