Swot Analysis Of Coca Cola

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SWOT Analysis of Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Company is one successful globalized company. Its product portfolio is all over the world. Most offices, shops, malls, and other recreational centers market this drinking brand on a daily basis. The company has many products that enable the company to excel in the international market (Rothaermel, 2013). It leads the beverage market by a substantial rate against other competitors. The description implies that Coca-Cola is the largest Beverage Company worldwide. It serves an approximate of more than 200 countries. It offers more than 500 of beverage brands that have a recognizable market reputation. The management ...view middle of the document...

The vast production quality and presence is a crucial contributor of the huge brand name possessed by Coca-Cola Company. Fourth, the customer loyalty level in the entire world is amazingly positive. The products produced at Coca-Cola are building a good reputation due to the quality in them. Examples of brands that sell immensely are Coca-Cola and Fanta.
Fifth, the Coca-Cola Company has a well-strategized distribution network. The level of demand for Coca-Cola products sometimes can exceed the supply. Therefore, the company put into place a strong distribution network to command high rate of market availability. Finally, the marketing strategies always win the market against core competitors such as Pepsi (Alexandre, 2011). It targets all ages and demographic character traits of customers. Thus, it manages to produce and sell the products at relatively high rate.
The Coca-Cola Company also possesses a number of weaknesses affiliated with its production endeavors. First, competition is one of the weaknesses faced by this company. For instance, Pepsi affects the young market bracket for Coca-Cola. It is unlikely for Pepsi to dissolve its operations in the near future. Secondly, the health status or quotient in the products is not admirable. Most of the health practitioners discourage people from consuming this product because they are highly carbonated.
Thirdly, Coca-Cola is barely intending to diversify its product line. The fact that competitors such as Pepsi are moving into other products such as producing snacks means that is falling out of competition (Alexandre, 2011). Similarly, the amount of revenue earned is expected to be relatively low. Fourth, the company faces water challenges on a frequent basis. International and domestic investors and groups frequently raise issues blaming Coca-Cola for contaminating water. The situation calls for better management with regards to water management.
Coca-Cola dwells in the world of myriad opportunities in which it can venture. The first and most favorable opportunity is that of parking water. The market demand for parked water is thriving because of the perceptions established by health practitioners on water contamination. Secondly, the company can improve the supply chain management. The Coca-Cola product brands still retain high desirability in the market. However, the cost of transport in becoming costly. The management needs initiate a strategy to curb the cost problem (Wheelen, Hunger, Hoffman, & Bamford, 2015).
Thirdly, the company can create product awareness, especially with regards to the low selling products. There are some brands that hardly meet the market and company expectations. Thus, the company ought to market it and ensure that the revenue expected is dared. Fourth, the company can engage in product diversification. It is quite detrimental for a company to operate on one product line all-around the fiscal year. Fifth,...

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