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• The Coca-Cola Company and brand has been a well-involved part of our society for more than a century. Being around so long while delivering satisfying products is a major strength of the company.
• Coca-Cola has a very noticeable branding with its symbol on T-shirts, hats, and other collectible memorabilia. It is not uncommon for a household to have a Coca-Cola room filled with this memorabilia. The brand is known to 90% of the world. This strength contributes to a large amount of their sales.
• Another very important strength is their unique bottling systems, which allows the company to conduct business on a worldwide level while still being able to maintain a local ...view middle of the document...

They need to use people’s loyalty to help increase sales on the other products.
• The company over the past five years has had some major conflicts and unfavorable politics. Coca-Cola has been sued and everyone seems to hear about this through the news in result hurting the business’s good name.
• Coca-Cola has the highest priced drinks in most retail stores. The competing markets for the industry along with people’s tight wallets tend to hurt companies like Coca-Cola.
• The company has good advertising techniques, but their commercials lack enthusiasm which is a major weakness.


• Coca-Cola’s bottling system gives the company the opportunity to service a large geographic area and enables them to take advantage of large growth.
• The branding is known to 90% of the world already, getting the remaining 10% of the world to know their brand is another opportunity.
• Expanding into foreign markets is an opportunity that the company is continually striving to do.
• Providing more choices for consumers aids in keeping the company fresh and allows them to continue to stop on top.


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