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Many people all over the United States have dogs. They love their precious animals, but sometimes when you move to an urban area you lose the ability for your dogs to go outside and relieve themselves on their own. If you move from a suburban setting to a downtown high-rise, you quickly realize that your dog needs to relieve themselves 4 to 5 times a day. This presents a conflict for the dog owner that calls for immediate lifestyle changes. You might have ask a roommate or a family member take out your dog for you when you’re gone working (which is often 8 to 10 hours a day). Or if you’re lucky, you work close to home and you can take out your dog during your lunch break. What if you leave work with co-workers and you end up staying the night out? More often than not, you will arrive home in the morning to an anxious dog that had an accident.
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SWOT Analyses for Solar City (SCTY)
* Environmentally friendly
* Positive brand image
* First publicly traded residential solar company
* Well capitalized – Can finance residential systems out of pocket for client
* Limited market availability
* Expansion into deregulated markets.
* Begin developing utility scale solar
* Many mid-sized solar companies offering residential customers the same products. Lots of competition.
Product/Market Expansion Grid
* Biggest weakness is depending on government subsidies for financing of solar systems. Should move to lower cost of installation and find cheaper sources of capital.
Market Development
* Solar City has not yet expanded heavily into the utility scale projects. The economics of utility scale projects make them very attractive to large construction companies while solar city focuses on the low margin, high cost residential markets.
New Products
* Adding other green services opportunities to the homeowner. Solar City should offer the ability to also finance new light bulbs for the whole house to save energy. Another opportunity could be changing out the windows of the house to improve energy efficiency. Providing financing for entire green retrofitting of house similar to the financing provide for solar PV systems.
* Offering water thermal system installations.
* Focus heavily on residential solar PV installations. Auxiliary products could be offered and financed in turn-key services agreement

* Use television to promote their business. Increase potential customer base by increasing awareness to how easy it is to install a solar PV system on your roof today. Most people with good credit can install a solar PV system with no capital expenditures.
* Continue to utilize no money out of pocket financing to increase potential customer base
* Expand into new deregulated energy markets all across the United States

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