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Symbols And Symbolism In Long Day's Journey Into Night

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Symbolism is used throughout O¹Neill¹s Long Day¹s Journey into Night, a portrayal of the  author¹s life.  The three prominent symbols, the fog, the foghorn, and Mary¹s glasses,

represent the characters¹ isolation from reality.  The symbols in ³Long Day¹s Journey into  Night² are used to substitute illusion for reality.  Although Mary is the character

directly associated with living in illusion, all characters in the play try to hide from

the truth in their own ways. At the beginning of the second act, O'Neill notes a change in

setting which has taken place since the play opened.  No sunlight comes into the room now  and there is a faint haziness in the air.  This ...view middle of the document...

  Even when confronted with

the truth (that the mother is using drugs), they all still try to act as if everything were

all right, to deny the reality and live in illusion. Mary¹s glasses symbolize her inability

to see things clearly.  She frequently misplaces them, and really doesn¹t want to find them

because that would force her to face reality, which she desperately tries to hide from.

 Hearing the mother moving around upstairs, Tyrone tells Edmund he shouldn't pay too much

attention to her tales of the past. The father says, "Remember she's not responsible," and

Edmund replies that it was the father's stinginess that's responsible.  When Tyrone tells

Edmund to take the mother's comments about the past with a grain of salt, we see an example

of how two people can look at the same thing but "see" the thing very differently. The

mother considered her former home "wonderful," her father "noble," her convent days the

"happiest," her piano...

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