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Synopsis: The Effect Of Imc On Brand Image Of Laptops/Notebooks

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Definition and Purpose:The goal of the research was to determine and study how IMC (integrated marketing communication), with its attributes of "one-voice, two-way communication, umbrella of all marketing mix", would effect brand image of laptops/notebooks. "Brand equity and brand image is from the concept of brand coordinates within brand equity is the axis, focusing on vertical marketing for sustainable operation and competitive advantage, and brand image is the horizontal axis focusing on the horizontal marketing for joint ventures to maximize the share of market resources" (Lu, 2009) .Problems under investigation:Previously, most of the research in the area of IMC had ...view middle of the document...

Upon the completion of the questionnaire survey analysis of consumers' viewpoint through statistical data analysis method, it is believed that the results, to find out which factor affects the IMC implementation performance the most and the less: advertising, public relations, direct marketing, personal selling, or sales promotion, to check whether each of the hypotheses is supported or not, to check to see if the framework of this research is supported or not. The results of this research is not completed as of yet, as this research is still in the process of collecting questionnaires from consumers.Conclusion:It is expected that this research will help, marketers by describing the numerous effects of each of the tools of IMCmarketing mix on laptop brand, teach marketers how to use and generate an IMCmarketing mix to accomplish synergy and improve the brand image, and lastly help the industrial designers by describing consumers' partiality in choosing, purchasing, and using the laptop/notebook product.It was concluded that a firm has to use "output control" and "process control" to evaluate its outcome in an effort to strengthen its brand equity. To achieve maximum synergy and impact, entrepreneurs should combine database marketing and public relations to communicate with customers and prospects.ReferencesLu, Y.. (2009). The Effect of IMC on Brand Image of Laptops/Notebooks. Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge, 15(1), 208-215. Retrieved July 2, 2009, from ABI/INFORM Global. (Document ID: 1771190001).

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