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Synthesis Of Glycerol Carbonate From Specific Catalyst

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1. 2. 3. Reactor system preparation: ······································································································· 1 GC analysis: ··································································································································· 2 Catalyst preparation, reaction test and characterization: ····················································· 4 3.1. Summary of catalyst status: ······························································································· 4 3.2. Al/Zn oxide catalyst ...view middle of the document...

- Injected sample: 1ul
· -

· -

Retention time: Ethanol (solvent): 2.82 min Glycerol: 18.1 min Glycerol carbonate: 23.4 min Internal standard (tetraethylene glycol): 21.7700 min


Calibration curve of glycerol by internal standard method (tetraethylene glycol 0.2M):


Analysis result of product of reaction without catalyst:

· Glycerol carbonate calibration curve by internal standard method:

3. Catalyst preparation, reaction test and characterization: 3.1. Summary of catalyst status: Catalyst status summary table Preparation Reaction BET SEM No cat. Complete 6:4 Complete In progre. Not yet 7:3 Complete In progre. Not yet Al/Zn (1) 8:2 Complete In progre. Not yet 9:1 Complete In progre. Not yet ARM Complete Not yet 6:4-15% In progre. Not yet 7:3-15% In progre. Not yet 8:2-15% In progre. Not yet 9:1-15% In progre. Not yet AlZn/A RM (2) Zn-15% In progre. Not yet x-5% In progre. Not yet Not yet Not yet x-10% In progre. Not yet Not yet Not yet x-20% In progre. Not yet Not yet Not yet x-30% In progre. Not yet Not yet Not yet 6:4-150 In progre. Not yet 7:3-150 In progre. Not yet Not yet Ma-AlZ 8:2-150 In progre. n (3)...

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