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System Engineering Essay

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Security has been identified as such reliable availability in a concerned quantity and quality level of objects with a controlled level of risks (Lundqvist, 2000). It is not absolutely depend on the object itself. It is a concept of relative to the public concern. For instance the water security has been discussed in decades. With time pass by, the situation is different over time with the variation of many factors. The population growth directly requires extra amount of consideration of water issue. The issue relates to the population growth and migration movement. For example, Australia’s population growth is caused by the vastly increased migration, and up to recent years the study showed ...view middle of the document...

The USDA estimates that nearly 9 out of 10 households were food secure in 2005 (Taptiklis, 2013). However the risks in food supply are highly depend on the climate change caused agricultural production including droughts, floods and so on. Other effects like shipping, economic instability are also involved.
The CLD shown in the figure gives two sets of approaches of the nexus network between available water resources and food, agricultural production which implies the water and food security, also in the relations between climate change and both perspective water and food security. It is divided into two main issues which are the economic benefits and the climate change. Although the debating on climate change has not been settled, it cannot be denied that human activity which actively impact by economic factors. Then the key factors in CLD are induced as such:

* Economic benefits
* Climate change
* Human activity (which is the implied factor)
* Available water resource
* Food and agricultural production

Economic factors that are involved with human activity regarding to the topic is the effect of human activity which have been identified as a significant impact on climate change. However the climate change effects (sea water level, high temperature, flood and hurricane and leading drought) do have a total negative impact on both available water resource and food, agricultural production. And these two factors are positively impact the economic benefits. As a result, the key factors loop is a balancing loop. In detail, economic and social impacts were reached. Employment and agricultural based and water quality based industry were encountered. Within the CLD, the reinforcing loop were found associated with climate change as the reason...

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