System Integration And Organization Deployment Essay

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IT426-1302B-02 System Integration and Organization Deployment
Academy Carpets Integration Project

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Project Outline

The organization I have targeted for this assignment is Academy Carpets. They are a small business located in my hometown of Colorado Springs, Colorado. They have three locations, and currently employ about 100 employees. They are relatively small company but over the last three to four years business has been steadily rising. Before the influx of new business the slow systems didn’t ...view middle of the document...

They need a system integration model that will send the appropriate documents to the right place. For example, when a sale is made and items need to be pulled from the warehouse, they need an invoice sent from the sales area to the warehouse with the correct request for the items that were purchased. Throughout this paper we will go over what exactly is needed to help this company meet its full potential when it comes to the IT industry.
Academy Carpets main goal throughout this integration process is to do it as seamlessly as possible. The goal is to have as little downtime as possible. Downtime is one issue that may arise, and if the system is down for any more time than allotted, this will cause a big disruption within Academy Carpets business process. To try and defer this from happening, one of our main focuses is going to be on change management. By appointing someone to focus on change management, this will help with not only the integration but also the training of employees on the new system (Harps, 2005). We feel like by focusing on change management it will help the project move smoothly and without any major disruptions.

Integration Model and Tasks

After reviewing all of the integration models we feel as if the Horizontal or energy service bus model will be the best fit for Academy Carpets. In this section we will describe exactly what this model entails as well as list the tasks that come along with the integration. We will also take a look at the advantages of using this model as compared to others.
The horizontal integration is otherwise known as the enterprise service bus or ESB. This is a method where a specialized subsystem is used for the communication between other subsystems (Harps, 2005). Basically this method provided the proper communication between the two subsystems that exist at Academy Carpets currently. The goal by implementing the enterprise service bus model is to cut the number of connections/interfaces to only one per subsystem. The subsystem will now connect directly to the ESB. This model comes with many advantages; the first is the ability to cut the cost of integration. And secondly this model is very flexible and seems to be a good fit for a growing company like Academy Carpets. Lastly, as compared to other more pricey models utilizing the enterprise service bus is very cost effective and this has been stated as one of Academy Carpets top goals, saving money is a top priority.
We feel like the energy service bus model is the best fit for Academy Carpets because it fits their exact need as far as ensuring all their subsystems are communicating properly. The perks of this method are the low cost of implementing it and the fact that the ESB method is flexible will fit the needs of Academy Carpets greatly. The fact that this method will fix the problem of the invoices from sales going to the right places will correct Academy Carpets main need.
There are many major steps to be considered during this...

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