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Systems Thinking Essay

2076 words - 9 pages

BPPG- My Future as a Manager
Constance F. Lima-Gonzalez
WMBA 6010
June 28, 2015
Dr. Dixon

BPPG- My Future as a Manager
Executive Summary
In going through the 8 weeks of the course Managing People and Collaboration has educated and given me the tools in four areas; 1.) How to Manage People, 2.) How to create a successful team, 3). How to choose a strategy to include in the support of a positive workplace, and 4). Building & keeping culture in the company (Colquitt, Lepine, Wesson, 2013). This course has educated me in the many theories, concepts, skills, and strategies that are needed to build an active team, ensure teamwork, ...view middle of the document...

Ethics is another that increased my
knowledge about managing people and fostering collaboration. A good company and a good manager have to be and enforce an ethical company. What are work ethics? A group of moral principles, standards of behavior, or set of values regarding proper conduct in the workplace. There are so many ways in a company that there could be unethical parties. It is up to the managers and CEO’s to set a code of conduct which now a day’s all companies have and employees are required to read and sign

BPPG- My Future as a Manager

“Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday”. (Chernoff, 2015) I chose this because this is how I live. I take each day as it comes, and do not worry about tomorrow, next week, next month (Lima-Gonzalez, 2015).
This is my motivational theme that was posted in Week 3. You take each day as it comes and the journey that comes with it. This for me leads to no stress and motivates me to get the job done (Lima-Gonzalez, 2015).
No one person knows what tomorrow holds or what the future brings. I may or may not be happy in my career in the future. What I do know is I will give my 200% to be the best at what I do and what career I choose to be in. For me to be a manager, I have to manage myself and my life first (Lima-Gonzalez, 2015). To be the manager I want to be, which is one who can have; great communication skills, great listening skills, be ethical, and have a can do attitude to begin. Being a manager to me means, having the ability to manage people, be a take charge person, motivate myself and others, be a good teacher and coach, by practicing and building myself, I can then share with others (Lima-Gonzalez, 2015).
Having a diverse company makes managing a little easier. Diversity in a workplace means; In order for any company to be successful, it has to be diverse. Having a mix of cultural backgrounds, genders, age, and lifestyles is a good recipe for a successful company (Colquitt 2013 pp. 360-365). Having diverse employees is a great way to use all the talents of employees from multiple backgrounds, perspectives, abilities, and disabilities give to the company (Lima-Gonzalez, 2015).
I was raised with the understanding that No matter what, your family is always first. For me that rings true. My family has always been first in my life. Over a lifetime the firsts have been in a cycle; my husband first, then the first turned to my children, then the first turned back to my husband, then it turned to the grandchildren who we have raised, now it is back to my first love, my husband. He is my rock, my heart, my best friend, and my world. He has been my support while I have been in school, encouraging me along the way. We have arguments from time to time, which is just like any other couple. We have been together for 30 years, and I think as you get older and together for many years, you tend to get use to each other, and know each other’s likes and dislikes, and after a...

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