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T. Shih, K. Davis, S. Schoenbaum, A. Gauthier, R. Nuzum, And D. Mccarthy, Organizing The U.S. Health Care Delivery System For High Performance (New York: The Commonwealth Fund Commission On A High Performance Health

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T. Shih, K. Davis, S. Schoenbaum, A. Gauthier,
R. Nuzum, and D. McCarthy, Organizing the U.S.
Health Care Delivery System for High Performance
(New York: The Commonwealth Fund Commission
on a High Performance Health System, Aug. 2008).
2 Information about Kaiser Permanente was synthesized
in part from a presentation by CEO George
Halvorson to a Commonwealth Fund Commission
on a High Performance Health Care System meeting
in San Francisco, and from the Commission’s site
visit to the Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Medical
Center in March 2007. Additional information
was obtained from presentations, telephone interviews,
or e-mail communications with the individuals
named in the ...view middle of the document...

6 J. H. Cochran, Statement on Behalf of the Kaiser
Permanente Medical Care Program Before the
Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions
(Washington, D.C.: United States Senate, Jan.
15, 2009).
7 As of April 2008, approximately 3 million members
had registered to access these My Health Manager
features. Secure electronic messaging takes place in
an authenticated/encrypted Web environment behind
an enterprise-level firewall.
8 E. Montalbano, “Microsoft, Kaiser Pilot Integration
of E-health Systems,” ABC News/IDG News
Service, June 9, 2008,
9 For a description of how the EHR helps improve
cancer treatment, see P. J. Wallace, “Reshaping Cancer
Learning Through the Use of Health Information
Technology,” Health Affairs Web Exclusive, Jan.
2007 26(2):w169–w177.
10 J. Hsu, J. Huang, V. Fung et al., “Health Information
Technology and Physician-Patient Interactions:
Impact of Computers on Communication During
Outpatient Primary Care Visits,” Journal of the
American Medical Informatics Society, Aug. 2005
11 J. Derman, T. Garrido, L. Radler et al., “Impact of Personal Health Record with Secure Messaging
on Office Visits and Patients’ Calls,” presentation
at the National Forum on Quality Improvement
in Healthcare, Dec. 10, 2008.
12 Y. Y. Zhou, T. Garrido, H. L. Chin et al., “Patient
Access to an Electronic Health Record with Secure
Messaging: Impact on Primary Care Utilization,”
American Journal of Managed Care, July 2007
13(7):418–24.Kaiser Permanente: Bridging the Quality Divide 23
13 C. Chen, T. Garrido, D. Chock et al., “The
Kaiser Permanente Electronic Health Record:
Transforming and Streamlining Modalities of Care,”
Health Affairs 2009 28(2):323–33. Similar though
more modest effects were seen in the Colorado and
Northwest regions after they implemented legacy
EHRs. See T. Garrido, L....

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