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Taking A Look At The Term 'community' And My Community Brampton

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There are many definitions for the term 'community', a community can be defined as representing a group of people in a specified place doing specific actions, a community can be the environment in which you work or go to school and a community can simply be the area in which you live. A community can also be any private or public place where individuals gather. According to Pain (2001) a community is a challenging concept that is widely used in many different ways by different groups of people and may take on different forms. Community is usually praised as a good thing; community is usually viewed in the positive sense because it moves away from individualism and further more highlight ...view middle of the document...

Community can mean a number of different things too many people, traditionally the term community would mean a group of people living in the same locality and under the same government ; therefore we as Canadians are one community. The district or locality in which such group's lives this would mean that everyone within in the locality of York University for example is one community. In addition to these meanings of community there are also communities where people share the same interest, a religious community, business community, sexual orientation community. As mentioned earlier a community can be defined and associated with many different things. The traditional view of community is no longer what the only view that is accepted. Overall community is a very broad term that has numerous definitions to different people of age, class, and gender. Children will have a different outlook on community because they may have fewer 'communities' than adults.The notion of community has been around for a long time and studied by many academics, however thru the emerging process of the term community some academics have doubt in the term and its relevance, leading to many different ideas and views of what the term means and community can be defined as or associated with. During the progression of the term various developing definitions of the term 'community' materialized; according to scholars what community was characterized as was the modern city and competition rather than cooperation between individuals. One specific author Louis Wirth has argued that large size, high density and heterogeneity of cities were significant factors in preventing the growth of 'community' , i.e. the lack of communication in these large size, high density developments however later work proved Wirth to be wrong concluding that 'community' was alive and well. Community is not necessarily defined solely in terms of spatial proximity, one of the most important characteristics in re-conceptualizing 'community' is that, to some extent all communities are 'imagined' in the sense that we can never really know all of the members of our community and or what interest we share but we can dream/imagine about knowing this. 'Community' will everlastingly be a term with a changing definition and history due to its broad aspects and boundaries and the critics the term must face, along with the development of technology, community will expand worldwide we are all currently connected by some form of technology therefore we may be considered a community.My community is the City of Brampton which is the township of Chinguacousy. Approximately 180 years ago John Elliott, John Scott, John Lynch and George Write were the first four settlers who dreamed about a village and worked vigorously to make their dream a reality. What is now known as Queen and Main Streets were once filled with thick forest, swamps and a river that contained salmon for them to eat and water to bathe in and to drink....

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