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Talent Initiative Function Metrics Essay

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Organizations are concerned with aligning the outcomes of the talent management initiative with the business vision, mission, and values and the long term integration of their strategic planning (Silzer & Dowell, 2010). Organization understand that HR is not separate from the organization and to be successful in essence they must come together and work together to achieve success.
When looking at the design there are leading and lagging indicators that must be distinguished. Leading indicators are metrics that will gather data to help the organization predict future outcomes and show how well the organization is positioned for future. Lagging indicators are measure that show ...view middle of the document...

2) Employee Performance needs full support of talent management leadership and the employee performance expectation is tied to driving the business strategy (Silzer & Dowell, (2010). The mandate that mangers are trained and are able give the high performers their due recognition and direction. The data used can be compared with knowledge management information (Davenport et al., 2010) as well as, metrics which will score high performers average vs all other scores (Low, Medium, High). “Human capital investment analysis helps and organization understand which actions have the greatest impact on business performance” (p. 56). Performance appraisal will look at participation rate, viewing the critical competency scores twice a year, ability to maintain a high performer rate, with the constant updating of key positions.
3) Goal Attainment is the review of how the employees’ performance is aligned with the success of the organization. Employees that work hard to be identified as high performer and continue to work harder to remain in good standing with the organization (Ready et al., 2010). It is essential for key positions and competencies to be reviewed and updated to know talent bench line and keep organization abreast of the existing talents and their ability to meet current goals. Again, it is critical that the appropriate leadership is used to track and appropriately intervene. Organization with solid leadership development practices and formal succession management have a higher ROI (Silzer & Dowell, 2010).
4) Turnover by performance and by engagement which would measure the outcomes, high performer’s turnover rates, learning and development per employee, the cost spent per employee. It is Important to recognize how functional talent management is integrated with the other talent management process and system and the ability to provide the appropriate linkage (Silzer & Dowell, 2010).
5) Employee Engagement will focus on the potential for promotions. Functional Expertise concentration is on the individual level and its relation to technical and functional skills and the abilities needed to perform a job. (Silzer & Dowell, 2010). This metric must take into account promotion and how long before reaching the promotion providing advancement, flexibility, work life balance, compensation, etc. Over time this will allow the talent management function to show growth, benching how strength has improved, vacated...

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