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Tales Of The City Book Report

5780 words - 24 pages

When you sense the affection where people enfold their loving kindness you are probably amidst the tenants of 28 Barbary Lane, San Francisco 94109. Perhaps 'tenants' is the wrong word, it should be something more like a friendly community of people. In Tales of the City , by Armistead Maupin, the characters are intertwined with togetherness. The mother of all mothers, 'the landlady', guardian of all who live under her roof, orchestrates an unfolding story that is captivating and compelling. It Is her love that permeates the other characters within this story.This sequence of story snippets was originally introduced to San Francisco Chronicle readers back in 1976. It is because of this that ...view middle of the document...

'Taking the Plunge' ch.1 p.1-3: This is the introduction of the unfolding Mary Ann Singleton & the expeditious Connie Bradshaw. Vacationing in San Francisco for eight days Mary Ann discovers that she wishes to escape her home and stay in San Francisco. She attempts to convince her mother she is doing the right thing. Haplessly she is not even sure herself about this. Confronting her housing situation head-on Mary Ann asks her friend, Connie, if she can shack up with her till she finds her own pad.'Connie's Place' ch.2 p.4-7: Mary Ann moves into Connie's apartment. She believes her new life will begin soon. The two new roommates reminisce about their childhood together, not looking forward but looking back. Mary Ann discovers a myriad cologne collection in Connie's bathroom cabinet. Connie is still popular with the men, a quality she is striving for in her new life.'A Frisco Disco' ch.3 p.8-11: Mary Ann & Connie go out clubbing together for different reasons. Marry Ann pretends to disrobe her innocence, but her attempts do not work. Due to her inability to put aside her starched values she turns down a sexual advance from a man. With the night's failure, and without Connie, she goes home early.'Her New Home' ch.4 p.12-15: This is the introduction of the caring & passionate Anna Madrigal. Mary Ann had enough exposure of Connie's Trix. Out of the three places the rental agency sent her, Mary Ann discovers that 28 Barbary Lane is where her new funky home will be. Once back at Connie's apartment, Connie suggests they meet at the Safeway for another man hunt.'Love with the Proper Shopper' ch.5 p.16-19: This is one of the only chapters where scenery is in place before the introduction of characters. The grocery is more paramount to the characters than the other way around. This is because by its very nature Safeway is a place where people are compelled to congregate. Mary Ann begrudgingly gets a lesson on how to pick up men from Connie. Once alone Mary Ann is besieged by a man inquiring specifics on Chinese cooking. She is repulsed by the overt scenario and quickly dumps him into the frozen food section. To her frustration the second round of interaction is with a beautiful man who is not there to pick up girls, he was just being friendly. He had no intentions of picking her up, namely because he was gay. Mary Ann's emotions dip to her foundation, when she realizes that again she is unsuccessful at forging her new life.'Connie's Bummer Night' ch.6 p.20-23: Connie arrives back from Safeway, as she puts it, 'with no weirdoes.' Mary Ann turns down Connie's invitation to go out yet again to find tonight's Trix. The night passes and Connie still does not have a man, one that substitutes for a meaning relationship, to prevail by her side. The next day Mary Ann takes her lonely suitcase and what possibly is forever, leaves behind Connie for 28 Barbary Lane. She has experienced one side of San Francisco that does not appeal to her. Moving on to the...

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