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Talks About Antigone And Creon's Relationshipwith Each Other

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In the play Antigone, Sophocles demonstrates that rigidity of one's own convictions can create terrible outcomes. Creon and Antigone represent a conflict between religion and state. Both characters have flaws that prevent peace between these two social aspects to form. While Creon believes that no one must disobey the human law, Antigone believes that there is an eternal law that is greater than that of a man. Although both hold different beliefs on which law should be followed, they are both caught in their arrogance and convictions that only they themselves are right, with no willingness to compromise or enter the middle-ground. As Creon's son, Haemon, says, "a wise man is flexible, and ...view middle of the document...

" Moreover, he has great pride in his status as both a man and as an authoritarian figure. He refuses to be "ousted by a girl" and despite his son's pleads to stop burying himself "in [his] own opinion as if everyone else was wrong," Creon values his pride far too much to admit to this rather true comment.Similarly, Antigone holds pride in her compassion towards her brother, which prevents her from seeing that as a woman of a men-dominated society, she is "not made to fight with men." Despite her sister's warnings that "it's madness to meddle," she angrily tells Ismene to "call it wicked what the gods call good," refusing to neglect her personal duty as a sister to bury a dead brother. Antigone contends that no human law can be greater than that of the gods. Antigone's compassionate nature leads her to strongly believe in the right to bury her own brother. However, in her heroic righteousness, she brings death upon herself. She is unable to consider the validity of Creon's argument or understand the...

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