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Tall Tale Essay

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Shelby Tennant
Genre Analysis Essays
Marlin’s Beginning and End
The mice of Farmville known better than to trespass into the Smith’s household. The motto of the Smith’s house to Marlin’s mischievous mice friends is, “Once you go in, you’ll never get out”. However, Marlin refuses to believe he falls under this barbaric motto of his friends. Marlin isn’t like the other mice of Farmville. Ever since he was born, he’s always had an extraordinary excellence in quick wit like a calculator and excels in anything he sets his mind to. So when it came time for Marlin and all his buddies that he’d grown up with to choose a permanent household to live in, he was the first to speak up about the ...view middle of the document...

Kasey says in a raspy voice, “Now, what do you think you’re doing here, little fellah?”
Marlin turns in utter shock, and is terrified. He trembles from the tip of his furry ears to the end of his claws on his little toes. Kasey speaks again with more of an angry tone,
“I said, what are you doing here, little man?”
Marlin gains his composure and manages to get out a few words,
“Uh, hi…I’m Marlin. And you’re…”
Kasey stares at Marlin as if he had just spoken another language and replies,
“I’m Kasey. And you see here little fellah, I’ve been living in this house for over five years. I’d ask you how you got in here, but truth is, it won’t matter in a few seconds. Haven’t you heard of me?”
Marlin is still struck with fear. Hasn’t he heard of Kasey the cat? Marlin quickly makes a sprit back towards his mini house and manages to get away from Kasey before he was eaten by her. As soon as he gets back into his mini house, he wonders what he should do, or if he should consult with her.
The next morning Marlin finds himself starving from refusing to leave his mini house at the risk of being attacked again by Kasey the cat. All of the sudden, he hears a dark voice that vibrates in the side of his ear and makes his heart drop to his stomach. However, he can tell this voice isn’t Kasey’s voice, but rather, a boy’s voice. He timidly walks towards the entrance of his mini house in the wall and peaks one eye out to see who’s trying to speak with him. Suddenly he hears, in a dark raspy voice,
“Hey, anyone in there? My names Randolph. I’m not going to hurt you unlike my little friend Kasey’s attempt. I told Kasey to leave you alone. There’s no reason for her to hurt you. You are just as welcome to live here as she is or as I am! Okay? I promise you are safe. Come on out little guy, all is at peace now! I made Kasey promise not to hurt you or she will pay for it.”
Marlin is very hesitant to make any sudden movements, but somehow he is convinced by Randolph that he is safe from injury. Marlin takes a deep breathe, and slowly walks out into the living room and looks straight up at the huge Rottweiler standing before him. He is confused as to why this huge dog wants to treat him so nicely. He then looks to his right and see Kasey standing there with this look on her face like she is happy. He goes to speak but it cut off by Randolph saying,
“Oh hey little guy! Welcome to the household. Would you like me to show you around the house? You will fit in just nicely. It will be nice to have another animal in the house with us. Here, follow me!”
Still watching himself, Marlin takes slow steps behind Randolph, beginning to follow him out of the living room. Suddenly, he sees nothing. Kasey digs her claws into Marlin and swallows him whole. She sits there licking her fingers clean and has a satisfied look on her face. She begins to walk away and is angrily confronted by Randolph saying,
“I told you not to do that. Now you will pay for your...

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