Tanning: Safe Popular Trend Or A Health Hazard? What Does Tanning Do To Your Skin? What Are The Health Hazards? History Of Tanning

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One of the most popular trends of the 20th century is sun tanning. The summer is a time for hanging by the pool and beach catching some rays. Everywhere you look in magazines, in movies, on television shows, and in everyday life people are sporting the tanned look.A tanned look was not always popular. In the 19th century it was uncommon for anyone of the upper class to have a tan. The paler you were the richer you seemed. People associated tans with labor workers who worked in the sun all day long. The French Royal court in the 1800's went the next step up and started to powder their faces to make themselves look even lighter. Not until the 1920's when the designer Coco Chanel came back with a dark tan, did it become the new trend.Even though many people ...view middle of the document...

Melanocytes make melanin which protect your skin from the skin. There are six different skin types. Each skin type has a different amount of melanin.The less melanin your skin has the more you'll burn.When you tan it eventually fades away, but leaves long lasting effects on your skin. Some long term effects of sun tans are: wrinkles, leathery skin, brown age spots, and blotchiness. To much exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer, melanoma. Skin cancer not only effects your skin but can lead to eye problems and weaken your immune system. Melanoma used to mostly affect people in their fifties, but now dermatologists are treating people in their twenties.Not everyone live in places that are warm and sunny all your round, so its rather difficult to keep your sun tan. Tanning beds are one way people keep their all year round tans. You may think the beds are safer than laying out in the sun, but their not. Tanning bed lamps give off UVA rays greater than the sun. This ages your skin and increases your chances of getting skin cancer. A more safer way of getting the tanned look is by using a sunless tanning lotion bronzer. You can apply them like a spray or a lotion on your skin. Not only are they less expensive, $10 compared to $50-80 a month, but you can keep your skin looking beautiful and its safe. There are no high risks for cancer.Even when you are not directly laying out in the sun, your skin is still being exposed to the sun. If your not planning on spending a lot of time outside you should still wear sunscreen, and make sure it blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Protect yourself as much as you can ultraviolet rays. Even though you may think you look better with a tan, remember that it not only effects how you look but also your health. You should always put your health first.

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