Tashunkewitko Tashunkewitko, Better Known As Crazy Horse, Was Truly One

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Tashunkewitko Tashunkewitko, better known as Crazy horse, was truly one of the best known Native American legends ever. As he was a great warrior, leader, and, according to opinions of fellow Native Americans, was generous, courageous, and had a very big heart. Belonging to the fierce tribe of the Sioux he learned to be a great warrior and lead his people to many ...view middle of the document...

He had a very good relationship with the leader Red Cloud. Being a leader of such a fierce tribe Crazy Horse had to be a great fighter and won many battles for the Sioux. He also was a skilled hunter; he practiced at a young age with baby buffalo. He was well known through the Sioux for his skills in many different areas. The Sioux, also known as Lakota, was Crazy Horses Tribe. The tribe became friendly with the British after the fall of the French power. Which lead to them siding with the British in the American Revolution. The Sioux was known for preserving mother earth and using everything and what was not used put back in Mother Nature. The Battle of Little Big Horn, one of the most important and well known battles of the Sioux and Cheyenne. The cause of the battle is the intrusions on the sacred lands of the black hills by white settlers. The battle occurred along the river of Little Big horn in 1876. Crazy Horse eventually led the Sioux to victory.

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