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Task 3 Help Essay

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BTEC Level 3
Subsidiary Diploma in Applied Science

Unit2: Working in the Science Industry

Assignment 3 – Data Storage
(P4, M4, D3)

Your school has been given funds for a rebuild. The science department classrooms and prep-rooms will be renovated.

The current lab contains lots of previous testing results and other data, stored in several large filing cabinets. The management team want to improve the provision for data storage and have fewer filing cabinets in the new build.

As a member of the leadership team, put a proposal together for updating the old data storage system with the new storage procedures that should be put in place in the laboratories of the new ...view middle of the document...

Learners must also demonstrate an awareness of the need for security and confidentiality.
3. For D3, discuss the advantages of keeping data and records in a LIMS. Learners views should be supported by evidence. The evidence can be drawn from the course content, industrial visits or internet research. A well-constructed essay / report could be used to achieve the criterion.
How Do I Do It?
4. For P4, learners must describe the procedures for storing scientific information in a laboratory information management system (LIMS). A prepared list of scientific data is provided below. Learners must decide which sets of information could be stored on a workplace record system.
5. For M4, learners must explain how scientific data and records are stored. Evidence can take the form of an essay or verbal presentation. Learners must also demonstrate an awareness of the need for security and confidentiality.
6. For D3, discuss the advantages of keeping data and records in a LIMS. Learners views should be supported by evidence. The evidence can be drawn from the course content, industrial visits or internet research. A well-constructed essay / report could be used to achieve the criterion.

What Do I Need To Include (Content)?

P4: Create a report or PowerPoint describing the procedure for storing information in a laboratory information management system (LIMS).

For each of the following describe where and how they information should be stored, how often it would be accessed and the reason for keeping it.

M4: Add to or create a separate report / powerpoint explaining and showing the processes involved in storing information in a scientific workplace.

For each of the pieces of information listed in P4 explain:
* Why it is stored in the way that you have described (e.g. paper copy, computer files etc.)
* Who can access the data (who is authorised to see this data?)
* The security procedures that apply to this form of data (how would someone gain access to the data?). Include a section explaining why some data is sensitive and said to be confidential. Why does it need to be secure? What are the consequences of it not being secure and confidential?

D3: Create a report discussing the advantages of keeping information in a laboratory information management system to present at the leadership meeting to obtain funds to implement LIMS.
You will need to support your views with evidence; this could be from the course content, visits, case studies or research from the internet.
Compare using LIMS to a different method of data storage.
You could support your opinions by finding a case study where poor information storage has a negative impact e.g. a legal case where the forensic evidence was compromised or an industrial accident where poor communication between staff/departments was to blame.

Task 3: Explain the need for current regulations & legislation in safe working practices (D4)
What Do I Need To...

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