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Task 7

Play is a very important part of children's lives. When children play they are in control, can experiment, explore & put right their mistakes. Play is how children learn, it offers opportunities to investigate, explore, develop new skills & master and improve existing skills. Planning activities that are inclusive in your setting encourages children to develop positive learning environment. This means having materials, toys, resources in your setting that reflect the diversity of our society. Thus play can help Manshu with her potty training, such as roleplay with dolls could help Manshu understand all about what potty training involves. It could also make the child become much ...view middle of the document...

This also helps a child's imaginative play plus physical & creative development. Taking children outside to play can help children to develop a number of skills. Getting ready to go out children can learn about different body parts as they put on their coast, wellies etc. Then when outside you can help the child's knowledge & understanding of the world. Climbing & playing on outdoor equipment helps a child's physical development & co-ordination.

Observing Children at Play
Through observing and keeping a written record of observations of children at play, is a way for you to learn how the child learns, what they enjoy, the development stage they are at and how to plan activities for that child. As children learn through play, when you observe them at play, you will learn the stage they are at, and this will allow you to plan for them individually. You will also learn what kind of learner the child is. Keeping a record of a child’s development is very important, so you can recognise if they are advancing or maybe falling behind some early learning goals. Observations are a great way of sharing information with parents too. Keeping observations will allow you to plan efficiently for each child, knowing where to focus some learning and for you to plan different challenges for the child to allow them to progress. Keeping a learning journal and incorporating your observations into this along with pictures and pieces of the child’s work, will allow you to keep a good chronological diary of the child’s progress, and make planning run smoothly and well.

The importance of children receiving equal access, based on their individual needs and acknowledging their rights
Children need to be treated as individuals, equally and with respect. The children’s act 2004, has the requirement’ to treat all children as individuals, and with equal concern’. Every single child is different, will enjoy different activities, dislike different activities, and have their own way of learning, through play, and other activities. It is the responsibility of the child carer to ensure they cater for each and every individual need. To do this effectively, you will need to plan for each child, taking observations, and get to know the children in your care well. Everyone that comes to your setting should be welcomed and respected, their beliefs and interests respected as well as their personalities, needs, values, abilities and interests. It is essential that you do not discriminate for any reason, and offer an...

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