Task Environment Audit Essay

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Praxis Paper 2
Jo-Ann Savoie
Walden University
A Project Presented in Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for
DDBA 8110- 5 Business Operations: Systems Perspectives in Global Organizations
Dr. Donna Galla
October 30, 2010

The company chosen to examine for the second Praxis Paper is The Hamilton Police Service (HPS). The HPS is a municipal police service located in the City of Hamilton, Ontario Canada. According to the 2008 Annual Report, The City of Hamilton has a population of 518,181 and employs 787 officers and 272 civilians for 1,059 personnel (p.7). Speaking with key supply chain personnel identified two areas that will save the service time and ...view middle of the document...

Having a full time purchasing coordinator would eliminate most of the current overlap. “ Everyone knows that if you spend a dollar less on purchasing, it goes right to the bottom line” (Gerardo & Spanyi, 2008, p. 25). An example to illustrate would be the resent purchase of the ACTION teams high visibility jackets. These jackets were purchased from a retailer not authorized through the Police Co-operative Purchasing Committee; therefore, in the future, if additional jackets are required for new members, the same item, dye lot, and specifications may not be available negating the principle behind the term uniform.
An asset tracking system would enhance the current MSM and will assist the police service save time and money by tracking all key serialized items; guns, pepper spray, handcuffs, and Kevlar vests. With an integrated system, vehicles, radios, and computers along with other equipment controlled outside of the property branch can be tracked. The warehousing system currently in place can only identify how many of an item rather than who owns it. For example, if a service weapon was found in an alleyway, there is no centralized database where the serialized item can be entered and identify who owns the weapon. The information is stored in various formats throughout the service.
Similarly, Kevlar vests and pepper spray have a self-life. There are no computer programs in place that identify when an item is issued and when an items self- life expires. Officers manually record on paper the condition of their vests during their annual training day. Completed forms are forwarded to the Manager of Record Business Center and Supply Services. There is an expectation that individual officers will recognize the need for a new vest and arrange with the property branch for an exchange rather than waiting for replacement. An asset-tracking program would house all serialized equipment in one key location; regardless how many branches enter their serialized equipment. A centralized asset tracking system would eliminate the various forms of excel spreadsheet tracking system currently being used, further eliminating the lack of consistency between branches.
Reason for Choosing HPS
The reasons why the Hamilton Police Service was chosen to conduct Action Research are familiarity and time- frame involved for completing the assignment. Having intimate knowledge of key personnel are within the organization is a benefit to conducting interviews and gathering data. There is also vested interest in finding a solution to saving money and time for the organization. “ As an approach to problem solving, it is an application of the scientific method of fact finding and experimentation to practical problems requiring action solutions and involving the collaboration and co-operation of the action researchers and members of the organizational system” (Coghlan & Brannick, 2007, P. 4).
Interview Participants
After a careful review of existing...

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