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Task One Ptlls Essay

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Unit 5 - Learning Outcome 3: Understand own responsibility for maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment
The aim of this assignment is to demonstrate an understanding of tutor responsibility for maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment. To maintain a safe environment the tutor should make learners aware of health and safety procedures and facilities such as awareness of fire evacuation procedure, smoking policy, complaints procedure, safeguarding, nearest toilets, library opening times, car parking, nursery and so on. The tutor should also inform learners of additional support available known as signposting.
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By doing this the tutor is including organisation rules and this will help make the learners feel safe in their learning environment. When agreeing the ground rules consequences should also be discussed so that learner knows what will happen if the rules are broken. For example the three stage process a warning, action then removal.
There are various ways a tutor could get learners to come up with their own ground rules. Using a flipchart will get learners to discuss and bond as a group and it also means when feeding back it can promote negotiation. Using hand-outs with some suggestions can promote learners into a discussion and by using this method tutors can embed tutors rules. However this way can feel like the tutor is imposing rules on to the learners. By using one of the methods learners are developing and promoting appropriate behaviour amongst themselves. Some ground rules that learners may come up with could be: time management, listening, mobile phones are on silent, respect and confidentiality....

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