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Tata Case Essay

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The Tata Group plays a central role in the Indian economy and is currently at the fore in the internationalization of Indian companies. Tata has some specific features, including the role played by Tata Sons and Tata Industries in coordinating financial and managerial activities and managing the Tata brand, as well as the strong emphasis on corporate social responsibility, mainly though not exclusively through the Tata trusts. In this paper I will analyzes how internationalization is changing the nature and corporate culture of Tata and the implications of the Tata experience for the internationalization of large firms from India and other emerging economies.
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Changes take time to unravel and loops may originate whereby target companies pass their DNA to the acquirer and modify the latter’s basic features. Such transformational dynamics is likely to be more complex in the case of emerging economies’ multinationals. On the one hand, these companies may use acquisitions in order to access resources they do not have, rather than to deploy un-imitable ones in the way that is predicted by the standard models of traditional multinationals. On the other hand, for this very reason emerging economies’ multinationals are likely to conclude their deals in more developed economies, where firms are not very amenable to adopt management methods and values developed in poorer countries.
Operating across borders and time zones and integrating diverse management teams and corporate governance practices do not seem to have modified the Tata imprinting. Of particular interest is the fact that Tata has not blindly embraced ready-made recipes to face the challenges of multinational management, preferring instead organizational solutions aimed at fostering mutual recognition and knowledge exchange within the multinational conglomerate. A praise for this way of managing the group came from Standard & Poor’s, which in December 2006 expressed the view that the “policy to support its companies and the improved financial profile of its entities also enhances the overall financial flexibility of Tata Motors.” In the case of VSNL, a strategic link with TCS has given the advantage of offering customers a single partner option that can deliver a combined IT and telecom solution. Another Tata advantage is the fact of being run by a very successful minority, the Parsis, without stirring anger amid the majority of the population. This gentle approach may distinguish Tata...

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